Which AFC North coaches are on the "hot seat" in 2018? | Steel City Underground

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Joe and Brian are back with actual football talk in today's episode of the Steel City Underground Podcast. (You know, as opposed to discussing throwback uniforms.)

Today's topic revolves around the four head coaches in the AFC North and how each of them has a special challenge ahead for the 2018 season.

It's unlikely, but more than one of those coaches could be looking for a new job at the end of this season. The two hosts will discuss who is on the hottest seat of them all, and how several of them share a common bond.

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  1. Yes, the Steelers toaster toasted the bread but it was dark in center where logo went… so, semi-toasted outer areas (not “raw”) with burnt-tasting logo. I should have put polyurethane on some of them and sold them on eBay as man-cave items in exchange for a He Who Shall Not Be Named mini-helmet. I’d actually enjoy a Rosie Nix one. Anywhoo, after you exhumed certain Steelers royalty in your past episode, I had to leave a comment with a bone to pick — I think Steelers Nation women are ready for a gal’s guide on Steelers She Sheds, how to keep their men in the cave so the gals can enjoy the game without the typical testosterone, and other topics befitting the Ladies of Black and Gold. Carry on… I’m listening lol

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