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Our news and analysis cover the team from a rational fan's perspective, maintaining integrity and staying positive, all in a way us commoners can relate to. Stay tuned for special interviews with guests ranging from current and former players, beat writers, book authors, and other Pittsburgh personalities!

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Winners (and losers) of the Antonio Brown trade

Mr. Big Chest/Checks got what he wanted: Antonio Brown is no longer a Pittsburgh Steeler following a trade (in principle) to the Oakland Raiders. Critics are already talking about who “won” or “lost” the trade from this weekend, so why not do it here? Brian E. Roach is joined by ...

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Will the Steelers be major players in free agency?

Joe and Brian already know everyone’s tongue-in-cheek answer to today’s topic. However, after examining the players who should be available once the new league year begins, as well as the Steelers cap space, could the team be major players in this year’s free agency? And why may that be the ...

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Who’s at fault for the Antonio Brown “situation”?

Yes, folks we have another Antonio Brown show for yinz today! On the heels of his interview tours on HBO’s “The Shop” with LeBron James and an exclusive sit-down interview with ESPN, Joe and Brian attempt to not only sympathize with AB’s claims but also attempt to decipher what it ...

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Prioritizing offseason changes for the Steelers defense

Following up on last week’s podcast about offensive priorities for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Joe and Brian pair up again on today’s show to discuss what the Steelers defense, and to a lesser extent special teams, may look like in 2019. Compared with the offense, there may be some give and ...

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How might Antonio Brown’s departure impact the Steelers draft plans?

Brian E. Roach leads today’s program and is joined by a bevy of guests including SCU Editor Christina “Tina” Rivers, and fellow contributors Ryan Lippert and Noah Freeman. The group plays out several scenarios which may be possible as the Steelers look to move on from “Mr. Big Chest” himself, ...

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Is wide receiver now the Steelers top offseason priority?

Joe and Brian address the latest news on Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and others that dropped over the last few days to discuss what offensive needs the Pittsburgh Steelers have this offseason. With Brown and Bell both all but officially gone from the Steel City, the hosts pair up to ...

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Revisiting, and grading, the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 draft

Joe and Brian attempt to avoid talking about Antonio Brown for an entire episode and instead change directions as the league heads toward the 2019 NFL Draft. There’s always criticism of past drafts, but how well has Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert done as of late? The duo goes back ...

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