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Welcome to Steel City Underground, The Black and Gold Standard for Pittsburgh Steelers coverage.

Our news and analysis cover the team from a rational fan's perspective, maintaining integrity and staying positive, all in a way us commoners can relate to. Stay tuned for special interviews with guests ranging from current and former players, beat writers, book authors, and other Pittsburgh personalities!

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Duel Opinions: Can the Steelers defense repeat its success in 2020?

Joe and Brian are back to their shenanigans in the latest episode of the Steel City Underground podcast, where the duo continues their run of commenting on various hot takes from all over Steelers Nation. This time they shift their focus to the defensive side of the ball where the ...

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Brian’s truly insane Mock Draft Insanity 2020 V1

It's that time of year again when the "Host who doesn't like toast" decides to watch Draft Day and lets his craziness take the reign! Mock Draft Insanity is a mock draft on steroids: trades and crazy picks abound as Brian E Roach walks through a set of scenarios that ...

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With Ben out of the way, what are the Steelers next best options?

On this special edition of the Steel City Underground podcast, Joe and Brian transport you to another dimension they call “The Quarterback Zone”! Celebrate April Fool’s Day as the duo make fun of the various situations in which the Steelers sign or draft Ben’s backup/successor! Gameday Tailgate Experience in Jacksonville ...

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How the 2016 Steelers draft class made a lasting impact

This episode’s topic is going to sound absolutely bonkers, but bear with us: the Steelers 2016 draft class (which is now entirely gone) made some lasting impressions on the organization. It’s not the show you might expect, as Joe and Zach talk about how each of that year’s draft picks ...

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Duel Opinions: Addressing hot takes and burning questions from Steelers Nation

Joe and Brian are back with a potpourri of a podcast, this time looking at several storylines which have surfaced from various sources throughout Steelers Nation. The duo get into their “Duel Opinions” on a variety of matters, including how Kevin Colbert created cap space this offseason, how the offense ...

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The Steelers start spending in free agency and other offseason updates

The Steelers free agency news jumps off the charts on this episode of the Steel City Underground podcast as Joe Kuzma and Brian E. Roach cover all of the late breaking news on Friday. Among the moves that Pittsburgh has made since the last program include another Watt, a potential ...

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What the fallout of free agency already looks like for the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s a free agency frenzy and our hosts are here to help you make sense of it all. Joe Kuzma, Brian E. Roach, and Zach Metkler get together to discuss all of the major moves with the Pittsburgh Steelers and what their future looks like after placing the franchise tag ...

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