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Welcome to Steel City Underground, The Black and Gold Standard for Pittsburgh Steelers coverage.

Our news and analysis cover the team from a rational fan's perspective, maintaining integrity and staying positive, all in a way us commoners can relate to. Stay tuned for special interviews with guests ranging from current and former players, beat writers, book authors, and other Pittsburgh personalities!

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First Look with Steel Nation Radio: Chargers wrap up and Steelers entering the bye week

It was a good “road” win for the Black and Gold on Sunday Night against the Chargers. They can now go into the bye week with their minds right and their bodies healing, still in the thick of the AFC North race. Now, let’s see what happens from here. Mike ...

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Stop! The Steelers do NOT have a quarterback controversy!!

Joe and Brian bring their usual nonsense to a special bye week bonus edition of the Steel City Underground Podcast to discuss all of the things some of Steelers Nation should stop talking about! Social Media has been abuzz with a lot of spam stories, or others which are simply ...

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Steelers shock Chargers on the road for second win of the season

Tune in as Joe and Brian are jubilant over the Steelers stealing a road win from the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night Football in a 24-17 victory. But that wasn’t what was expected of anyone as the Steelers strolled into an away venue that felt like a home away ...

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Steelers seek revenge for 2018 Sunday Night loss to the Chargers

Joe and Brian are back to breakdown the Steelers chances of winning on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers this Sunday, in primetime on Sunday Night Football. Faced with potentially playing a fourth string quarterback, Pittsburgh’s backs are against the wall. However, the Chargers have their own injury problems ...

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Weekly WTF: Steelers, Cowboys and Zebras

Terry returns with this week's “What The Football” as she breaks down several “WTF” moments in the Steelers-Ravens game, including a controversial overtime decision by Mike Tomlin. The referees were at their “best” again this week too, making many game-critical calls throughout the weekend. Join Terry as she talks about ...

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First Look with Steel Nation Radio: Is Randy Fichtner the problem in Pittsburgh?

Mike Pelaia of Steel Nation Radio returns with his weekly "First Look" segment. On the latest episode, Mike says we should stop blaming the referees for the Steelers losses. He also feels that JuJu Smith-Schuster shouldn't be the scapegoat... however, offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner should be! Hear his thoughts on ...

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Second Steelers victory of the 2019 season falls through their fingertips

Joe and Brian return after a short hiatus of collecting their thoughts to bring you an in-depth look at every angle from the Steelers-Ravens game last Sunday. Among the topics discussed include Mason Rudolph’s concussion off of Earl Thomas’ helmet hit, Mike Tomlin’s overtime decision, and calls made by NFL ...

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