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PFF grades Steelers offensive linemen against Eagles

As I famously (or not so famously) like to say in instances like this: “and in other news, water is wet.” Pro Football Focus (PFF) recently graded individual players from the Philadelphia Eagles 34-3 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the article, several Pittsburgh offensive lineman received a low grade, …

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Steelers fall 6 spots in NFL Power Rankings

After a stomping by the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, it’s no surprise that the Pittsburgh Steelers have fallen in the NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 4. Last week the Steelers were the “King of the Mountain” in pro football’s version of college football’s Top 25, leading …

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Short passes broke down the Steelers defense against the Eagles

Well, it happens. Sometimes your favorite team gets the crap beat out of them. It’s always a difficult thing to watch, especially when you thought the Steelers defense played, nearly, lights out in the first two games. But such is life. I’m not sure what it was (we’ll probably never …

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Yes… there were some positives from Sunday’s game

Many of us needed a cool off period, in order to adjust and gain perspective after a terrible loss. (Otherwise, all you would hear is our frustration with this game!) Now that we have hit our 24-hour cooling off period, let’s take a look at some positives from the Steelers at …

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Breaking Down The Steelers Offense vs. Philly

This article should really be titled “Breaking Down The Steelers Offense, or Lack There of” because Sunday’s performance by The Steelers offense was almost nonexistent. Pittsburgh went into Philadelphia with a favorable matchup with a hot 2-0 start versus a rookie quarterback in Carson Wentz, and a first year head coach in Doug Pederson. However, …

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Steelers bit by injury bug in loss to Eagles

Feeling the sting of a loss is bad on it’s own. Feeling the sting of a 34-3 trouncing, the worst Steelers loss of the Mike Tomlin era, and worst defeat since 1989: wors-er than worse. Yet, there was a sting felt even wors-est in this defeat. It wasn’t that the Steelers …

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