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Steelers defense: no longer “old and slow”

I remember a time, not too long ago, where opposing fans and analysts were poking fun at the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, calling them “old and slow.” While the Steelers defense started to get long-in-the-tooth, that was due to a variety of mainstays such as Troy Polamalu, Brett Keisel and Ike …

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Underrated players for Steelers third preseason game

Heading into the Steelers third preseason game this Friday against the New Orleans Saints, I wanted to take some time to highlight a handful of players that aren’t getting the usual preseason “buzz” like others (I’m looking at you Sammie Coates!) In no particular order… Robert Golden Tomlin on Robert …

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Suspend Your Concerns on Steelers Player Issues

For those worried that the Steelers have been suffering an inordinate number of suspensions under Coach Tomlin – here’s some news for you. They’ve simply been “middle-of-the-road.” Since 2002, the Steelers have had eleven suspended players – for a total of 43 games. That’s far short of Washington and Denver, …

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Is Fantasy Football good for the sport of football?

Fantasy Football. Those two words are as polarizing as ever in 2016. Almost every football fan I speak with is divided on their feelings over the game: some eat, sleep and breathe it, while others are content with simply being fans of the nation’s most popular sport. If you’ve been …

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Why I’m not worried about the Steelers backup QB situation

Yes: I’m not particularly concerned about the Steelers current backup QB “situation.” Much has been made about preseason games thus far, and backup quarterback play in those games. I’ve heard comparisons to other teams/players (Cowboys’ rookie QB Dak Prescott) as well as being told “we should only care about the …

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Signing Keenan Lewis not as speculative as originally thought

I wanted to start this article by stating, the team here at Steel City Underground has taken it’s fare share of speculative stances on players as of late. Within recent years, the Steelers have had a trend of bringing back former players. We’ve written about LaMarr Woodley, Will Allen and …

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Will the preseason overreactions ever stop?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the largest and most passionate fan bases in not only the NFL, but in all of professional sports. This isn’t up for debate. However, what can be debated is the degree to which this passion sometimes leads certain sectors of fans to think irrationally. …

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