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Steel City Underground Pittsburgh Steelers Podcast

Looking ahead to the Bears and what’s going on with Steelers linebackers?

Joe Kuzma comes out of hibernation like a sleeping bear (get it?) to join podcasting “iron man” Brian Roach on today’s show. The pair will talk about linebackers, both current and former Steelers, who are making headlines this week (and each for different reasons) while also examining this weekend’s opponent, …

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YaJagoff! Podcast
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Pittsburgh Steelers CB Mike Hilton

Week 3’s Pittsburgh Steelers Z-Factor

Another week, another Steelers win on the horizon, we hope. Pittsburgh has advanced to 2-0 after last Sunday’s meeting with the Minnesota Vikings, and travel this week to a different NFC North opponent, the Chicago Bears. I won’t sugarcoat this, the Bears look abysmal right now. There is little to …

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Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison

Mike Pelaia’s First Look: Week 3 – Steelers vs. Bears

The Steelers have begun their quest for Seven with a relatively unimpressive 2-0 start. Yet, 2-0 is exactly where they wanted to be at this point and they’ll be the first to tell you that it doesn’t matter how you get the wins, as long as you win. While I’d …

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Steelers vs. Bears Bold Predictions

Bold Predictions: Week 3 – Steelers vs. Bears

Yeah, yeah. I’m not batting so hot right now. Someone put me in the Pirates lineup and I’ll fit right in! Okay, that was a low blow, but you get my drift. I’m swinging and I’m getting close to hitting on my predictions, but I’m just a lil’ off right …

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SCU 2017 Madden Sim: Week 3 – Steelers vs. Bears

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to the Windy City to take on the Chicago Bears! In order to whet your appetite for Steelers football, we’ve come up with the next best thing: a Madden simulation! Everybody knows the most accurate and realistic way to predict a football game is …

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SCU Fan Club Spotlight

Introducing SCU Steelers Fan Club Spotlight

There is a book that came out last year called “Always a Home Game” by Josh Miller (former Steelers punter) and Shawn Allen.  It essentially covers the unbelievable breadth of what we all know as Steelers Nation.  Miller and Allen visit all 32 NFL markets and visit “Steelers Bars”. I …

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Pittsburgh Steelers TE Jesse James

Steelers Weakest Link for Week 3 against the Chicago Bears

Does anyone remember the game show “Weakest Link” where after the conclusion of each round, the show’s host would eliminate one of the contestants by saying “you are the weakest link, goodbye!” Well, I was thinking about that show recently and it occurred to me that bringing up the Steelers …

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Pittsburgh Steelers LB Bud Dupree

5 Players to Watch: Week 3 Steelers vs. Bears

The Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Chicago to take on the Bears at Soldier Field this Sunday. With the often used rhetoric that the Steelers play down to teams on the road, it’s time to take a look at five players who may have the biggest impact on this weekend’s game. …

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