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Welcome to Steel City Underground, The Black and Gold Standard for Pittsburgh Steelers coverage.

Our news and analysis cover the team from a rational fan's perspective, maintaining integrity and staying positive, all in a way us commoners can relate to. Stay tuned for special interviews with guests ranging from current and former players, beat writers, book authors, and other Pittsburgh personalities!

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SCU’s final Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft for the 2019 season

The Professor of Football, Zach Metkler and SCU contributor Ryan Lippert join "The Host Who Doesn't Like Toast" Brian E. Roach as the trio runs through a mock draft of the entire first round with picks for all 32 teams. Who will fall? Who will go early? And what hot ...

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Scrutinizing the Steelers 2019 Schedule

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 schedule has been released and it has issues! Joe and Brian tackle the good, bad, and ugly of the schedule including travel, west coast trips and a plethora of primetime games, as well as give their outlook on the lone bright spots which could prove beneficial ...

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Examining the Steelers AFC North opponents’ draft needs

Joe and Brian join up today to switch gears and look at another compelling NFL Draft storyline which may affect the Steelers 2019 season: what their AFC North opponents need in the draft! The duo takes a look at the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns – how did ...

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Mocking the Steelers Mock Drafts

On this edition of the Steel City Underground Podcast, Joe and Brian debate the wonders of toast while taking digs at the blunders that are mock drafts. While some of the “experts” are on the mark with their assessment of the Steelers needs and potential fits, there are some woefully ...

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Should the Steelers try and move up in the draft?

Brian E. Roach, "the host who doesn't like toast" is joined once more by the Professor of Football, Zach Metkler as the two discuss whether or not the Steelers should move up. The duo discuss why the Steelers might want to move up (to get a Devin, duh!) and where ...

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Revisiting, and grading, the Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 draft

Joe and Brian boomerang back to grading past Pittsburgh Steelers drafts. On today’s show they’ll have a look at the 2015 draft and ask the tough question: is this the worst draft that Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin have had together? Plus, there’s some chatter about ...

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Should the Steelers consider drafting a tight end in the first round?

Brian Roach, the "Host Who Doesn't Like Toast" is joined by SCU Associate Editor Tina Rivers to talk about tight ends. Tina and Brian discuss some of the rumors surrounding Steelers brass being in attendance at the Iowa and Iowa State pro-days and why there are several potential first and ...

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