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Welcome to Steel City Underground, The Black and Gold Standard for Pittsburgh Steelers coverage.

Our news and analysis cover the team from a rational fan's perspective, maintaining integrity and staying positive, all in a way us commoners can relate to. Stay tuned for special interviews with guests ranging from current and former players, beat writers, book authors, and other Pittsburgh personalities!

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Talking Steelers football and memories with talent manager Brad R. Lambert

On the latest Steel City Underground Podcast Joe Kuzma welcomes a special guest, Brad Lambert, a Pittsburgh native and current talent manager/ producer that frequently splits his time between Los Angeles and City of Champions. Brad got his start managing talent and working with Steelers such as Willie Parker, Hines ...

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Where does Mike Tomlin rank among past and present NFL coaches?

Joe Kuzma is joined by SCU Editor Christina “Tina” Rivers as the two discuss their numerous research projects tracking the career of Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Tina’s recent article (linked below) raises some questions, and answers, about where Tomlin ranks all-time among NFL coaches. The answers about how ...

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More coronavirus concerns for the Steelers?

Ramping-up dates, COVID-reserve lists, non-contact drills and opt-out clauses. What does all of these coronavirus precautions mean for the Steelers? Joe and Brian return with more concrete information to follow up on their previously speculative COVID-19 concerns for the Pittsburgh Steelers including today’s first reporting date for training camp. Who ...

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Settling the Hines Ward vs. Antonio Brown “best WR” debate

Leave it to Pittsburgh Radio personality Andrew Fillipponi to swat the hornet’s nest in Steelers media. From social media to blog posts, everyone is debating what “Poni” said the other day when Antonio Brown resurfaced on social media to “retire” (and then un-retire!) It’s not so much that Poni was ...

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Predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 season

Mike Pelaia of Steel Nation Radio returns with his predictions for the Steelers 2020 NFL season. Will the Steelers play football this season? It looks like they will but it’s still a real question. If they do, will all players opt in? That’s up for debate. Find out what Mike ...

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Are the Steelers among the winningest franchises since the AFL-NFL Merger?

On today's show, I'm rejoined by Scott Perry, an NFL Historian and author of the book NFL Since 1970… the ultimate visual and historical reference as we discuss the history of the best and worst franchises since the NFL-AFL Merger. Scott was one of the very first guests when our showed ...

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Which Steelers are on the hot seat heading into the 2020 season?

The “Professor” returns, as Zach Metkler joins Joe Kuzma to ask: Which Steelers are on the hot seat heading into this season? From staying healthy to earning a new contract, or looking over their shoulder at an incoming potential replacement, the players named each have a small fire under their ...

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