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Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Daniel McCullers

The other day I discussed 5 standouts at Steelers training camp, now we will be discussing the let downs.

These choices range from injury to disappointing play to incompetence. It's unfortunate that not every signing or draft pick works out in the Steelers favor, but that's football. Here are five let downs at the Steelers training camp so far...

Senquez Golson (CB)

When gauging how Steelers Nation feels about Senquez Golson being injured again, you get the classic parent answer of "I'm not mad, just disappointed."

It's really sad when you half expect a player to get injured, but unfortunately, that's the reality with Golson. The guy just can't stay healthy, and you won't make a roster if you spend your whole career in the nurse's office.

We all want to see Golson succeed, he wasn't a 2nd round draft pick a few years and has the talent to be a potential difference maker in the secondary. Because his injury is reportedly minor, there is a chance we finally see Golson in a preseason game, heck he could even surprise us all and make the 53-man roster.

Given his extensive injury history, however, nobody should be betting on Golson.

Knile Davis (RB)

Many expected free agent signing Knile Davis to come into camp and steal the backup running back job from Fitzgerald Toussaint, but that hasn't been the case. Based on reports, Davis has failed to stand out in camp and has been clearly outplayed by Toussaint.

There is still hope for Davis to make this roster. One of this main draws is his kick return ability which we won't see on full display until the preseason games begin. If Davis managed to make a splash, he could win the job because of his return abilities.

Considering how Toussaint arrived at camp in phenomenal shape and is well liked by the coaching staff, all signs are pointing to the Steelers veteran retaining his spot as the third running back and primary kick returner.

Xavier Grimble (TE)

Xavier Grimble is unique on this list because of all the names, he has the greatest chance to make the 53-man roster. That honor comes with an asterisk though, as Grimble being a near-lock for the roster has little to do with his own merit.

The Steelers tight end depth is weak, with only Jesse James and David Johnson ahead of Grimble. While he's always impressed with his work ethic and conditioning,

Grimble's biggest issue has always been consistency. He has the tendency to flash his talent and then follow up that play with a dropped pass. Grimble is a letdown, because based on the reports thus far, he is more or less the same player as he was last year.

He deserves commendation for getting to where he is after being a journeyman player, but he should be very thankful the Steelers have poor tight end depth.

Dan McCullers (DT)

I've always been intrigued by big Dan McCullers. He is a massive human being who I was a fan of solely because of his behemoth size. The Steelers were clearly intrigued by his size too because that's why they drafted him.

Unfortunately, McCullers has played exactly how you would imagine somebody his size would... and not in a good way. He's a plodder who doesn't move quickly and offers very little as a pass rusher. He's flashed his talent before, and when he does, it's scary seeing what he can do with his frame.

But those instances are far and in between. With the Steelers defense evolving, speed and versatility have become key; those are two factors McCullers lacks.

With Javon Hargrave starting at defensive tackle, and defensive end L.T. Walton primarily playing as his backup through training camp, McCullers time as a Steeler is likely nearing its end.

Roger Goodell

Relax, this one is a joke... sort of!

I'm sure every Steelers fan, player, coach, etc. would agree that the biggest letdown in camp so far was the absence of Martavis Bryant. He had reportedly followed through with every step and satisfied each requirement set by the league for his reinstatement.

Yet, he still wasn't cleared to practice with the team until late Wednesday afternoon.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, Bryant is only reinstated for preseason action, and not yet for the regular season. It's impossible to know why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handled things like he has, but the situation is absurd.

As Ben Roethlisberger said, the best thing for Bryant right now is getting back to football and resuming a normal life. He's paid his dues, turned around his life, and there's no apparent reason for him not to be on the football field right now.

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  1. VinHuddle says:

    Kinda sad to read that about Big Shade Tree. I can’t think of anything to say about Golson so I’ll just shake my head…man this kid just can’t stay healthy.

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