Week 6 WTF Moments in the NFL

Well here were are again folks!

Fresh off an exciting win against the Jets, and an embarrassing loss to the Dolphins, our weekly fun of watching, and critiquing, not only our Steeler’s games, but happenings around the other NFL teams, would not be the same without pointing out our WTF moments of the week/weekend.

Fake Field Goal

So apparently, Coach Tomlin and Coach Haley were so bored during our Jets game that they thought it would be a good idea to fake a field goal… but with the holder, Jordan Berry (who’s slowness running makes Big Ben look like a cheetah out there) try and run on 4th and 2.


We would have had a better shot of Ben, or James Harrison, trying to get 2 yards. Even the TV guys were like, WTF was that?

Anyway… let’s stop being cute here.

Throwback Jerseys

Former Steelers OL, Max Starks told a sideline reporter

“No self-respecting fat guy should ever be made to wear horizontal stripes.”

Starks was referring to our much loved-hated-loved, now retired, “bumblebee” throwback uniforms.

One has to ask, with a 6-1 record when we wear them, “Why mess with success?


Well lets hope superstition does not come back to bite us on this one, since they’re reportedly benched for good.

Coates’ hand injury

WR Sammie Coates, or as most of us bloggers like to refer to him as, “the other Martavis Bryant” had a rough and impressive day against the Jets. (Yes, you can have both.)

In Sammie’s case, it not only was frustrating for him, but the fans were like “WTF,” with all of the drops.

One was perfect for a TD, through his hands in the endzone.

Thanks to CBS analyst Dan Fouts for finally mentioning that Sammie had a gash or laceration on his hand that required stitches; he went back in with a glove on.

Sammie finally made another big play in that game, which turned the Heinz Field boos into cheers.


Why are fans booing their own players?

I understand some of the fans didn’t know the situation, but come on! Support your team through the good and the bad!

Adding to the WTF with Coates’ hand injury, could someone please report facts?!

We heard Sammie had 17 stitches, then it was 7.

Then outlets reported a fracture: index, pinkie, thumb… every finger but the middle finger was mentioned: which makes for a coincidental situation in a “WTF” article like this!

AB’s shoes

We always like to include Antonio Brown whenever we can, mostly because he is Antonio Brown: but again, AB was asked by NFL equipment to remove his tribute cleats (Muhammad Ali) due to non-NFL apparel approval.

Then for this past weekend, AB announces more tribute shoes on social media (Jose Fernandez, Kimbo Slice).


I mean okay, we get it. You don’t care about fines, but why make your shoes a distraction? We love you, and the TD dancing, and even the rebellion against the NFL, but lets re-focus: it’s about winning.


Speaking of rules… how can Ed Hocculi and his crew miss a blatant horse collar tackle on Le’Veon Bell?

The new rules state, specifically, that a player cannot be tackled by the nameplate of his jersey: and Bell was tackled by that and more!


I’d have less of a problem accepting that missed call if the officiating crew hadn’t nitpicked so many holding calls throughout the game. Obviously, they were looking for grabs and pulls, but apparently not here.

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