Week 12 WTF moments in the NFL

Well, no one, and I mean no one could have come up with a sadder, more shocking WTF then the one just heard around the league that Giants quarterback Eli Manning will be benched this weekend. If that’s not enough of a WTF for a player who will see his consecutive games played streak come to an end, it’s who Eli was benched for that really sent shockwaves around the football community: backup Geno Smith.

Manning is from the same draft class (2004) as Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers and he’s a 2x Super Bowl winning MVP quarterback; he has the Manning pedigree, similar to that of the Watt (J.J. and T.J.) brothers. I’m still in a state of shock and sadness for the Giants. WTF?

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The Giants are 2-9 and Eli has not played well this season, but the fact that he was benched for Smith, and they know what they have in Smith, and not rookie QB Davis Webb, is an even larger WTF. Why not play the developmental quarterback and see if you have Eli’s heir? Just wow.

The Steelers had plenty of WTF moment in their game against the Packers on Sunday night. If you watch the games like I do, there are times when you see the Steelers in a 3rd-and-short situation and there are no options for Ben Roethlisberger to throw the ball to. You thhink to yourself “he could just run for it” but then remember, he doesn’t really do that anymore.

Well, that was until Sunday!

Ben took it upon himself to carry the rock three times, rushing for 25 yards with a 14-yard long. He looked like he was running in slow motion, but the real WTF is just holding your breath that he doesn’t get killed by an opponent! WTF!

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Antonio Brown continues to be his usual helmet-catching, ‘Tony Toe-Tapping’ self with some amazing WTF catches. His ability to make those plays along the sidelines even makes the officials stare at each other in amazement and converse, “Did he really catch that inbounds?”

Yes. Yes, he did.

Chris Boswell isn’t just a Steeler anymore. He is one of the “Killer Bees”, and maybe one of the best in that elite group at this point. We got another game-winner from ‘Boz’; the longest 53-yard field goal at Heinz Field by a Steelers kicker (tied for longest by any kicker, as it’s notoriously hard to kick there). It was also the longest kick of his career.

That wasn’t the WTF: he missed an early PAT, the first attempt of the game! WTF?

Boz is clutch when it counts, and his leg wins a lot of games, so maybe we can let that pass. What can’t pass for good is some of the other WTF kicker moments. At 42 years young, Phil Dawson of the Arizona Cardinals made a 57-yard field goal as time expired to win their game. Alas, Seattle Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh missed a game-tying FG. He’s now as consistent in his misses than his successful attempts. (Why does he still have a job?)

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Now to “America’s Team”; I can’t even say that with a straight face anymore. The Dallas Cowboys have lost five games in a row now. Put a fork in it, this team is done!

I could say the same for the Kansas City Chiefs, but even with their losses, they are 6-5 and still barely hanging on to the lead in their division. WTF happened to them?

I say that because one of the coaching decisions at the end of the first half of their last game – with 30 seconds left – was to take a knee to go into the locker room. I was thinking, “Why not try something there?”

The Steelers, with 17 seconds left in the game against the Packers, marched down the field to get into scoring position and won the game. They moved the ball 37 yards in eight seconds!

So WTF Chiefs?

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Then there’s the old yanking your chain bit that seems to not want to die down between L.A. Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree and Denver Broncos defensive back Aquib Talib. Once again, the two got into it on the field, punching each other; one without a helmet.

WTF? They initially received a two-game suspension apiece, but after they both appealed and it will be reduced to a single game. Either way, each is losing close to a million dollars.

Was the chain worth that much? Really? WTF?

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Lastly, it’s one thing for Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage to lose the game in the final minute to the Baltimore Ravens, but then to show up for his post-game presser with no media present?


He walked out! (I would have, too.)

Next week should be filled with fireworks and many WTF moments as the Steelers travel to play the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football!

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