Steelers “Grown A** Man” award winners for Week 9 against the Ravens

What is a Grown Ass Man (GAM)? A GAM is someone who dominates. A GAM is someone who, when you watch them play appears to be a man among boys. They can’t be stopped, denied or contained.

That is a Grown Ass Man.

Who stood out in the Steelers contest against the Ravens? Who rose above and elevated their level of play to the status of Grown Ass Man? Let’s find out in this week’s GAM Awards.

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James Conner

107 yards rushing/7 receptions 56 yards, 1TD – 163 total scrimmage yards

Conner is becoming a GAM regular, and it’s well deserved. His contributions in both the running game and the passing game are invaluable to keeping the Steelers offense moving. Conner continues to rewrite Steelers records, becoming the first player in the teams history to score 10 touchdowns in the first eight games of a season. Top that off with his fourth straight 100+ rushing performance.

And this was against the number one defense in the NFL. Need I say it again? James Conner is a Grown Ass Man!

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Matt Feiler and the Offensive Line

Joe brought this one up on the postgame podcast and it’s a good one: the O-line, in general, has been better than good and was again yesterday, but you can’t help but overlook the performance of these guys, especially a guy like Feiler.


Because if they are doing their jobs well, nobody is talking about them. It’s when they give up sacks, or penalties or can’t open holes that you start hearing their names.

So not hearing Feiler’s name called during the game is a good thing.

Matt Feiler and the O-line are all Grown Ass Men.

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Josh Dobbs

He only played one snap, and only threw one pass, but considering the situation, it was a Grown Ass Man play. Ben Roethlisberger had just been used as a trampoline by a Ravens defender and Josh Dobbs was asked to come in and take the reins of the offense. Despite coming in completely cold, with no time to warm up, Dobbs was faced with a second and 20 from the Steelers 5.

You might expect a handoff, or maybe even a screen. No, Dobbs fires a laser to Juju Smith-Schuster for 22 yards and a first down.

Josh Dobbs is a Grown Ass Man.

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Mike Hilton

Watching 5’9” Mike Hilton breakup (and nearly intercept) a Flacco pass to 6’4” Mark Andrews was maybe the greatest thing I saw yesterday. Maybe we should start calling him “Mighty” Mike or something because Hilton is without a doubt the best corner on the Steelers not named Haden. He plays like a GAM, and this week without question – Mike Hilton is a Grown Ass Man.

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Honorable Mentions

Even though there may be guys who get called out as Grown Ass Men on the podcast, or while we live tweet the game, I try and keep this to 3 guys (or 4 at most). As a result, some guys just don’t quite make it, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t show some GAM-ness.

Ben Roethlisberger was considered and really showed some Grown Ass Man attitude during the game. (Especially coming right back into the game when he appeared to be dead!) Stephon Tuitt followed up last weeks good game against the Browns with another one against the Ravens, notching another sack.

Tell us what you think? Who do you believe should have been given a “Grown-Ass-Man” award?

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