Chase Hammes: 2020 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

There’s no better feeling than releasing another mock. I present to you my fourth and final mock draft of the year. Also, I have some big things coming so if you want to stay tuned or want to give feedback follow me on Twitter @chasingthedraft.

Links to my first three mock drafts:

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1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow – (QB, LSU)

2019 Stats: 5,671 yards passing, 60 TDs, 6 INTs

There has been talk about the Miami Dolphins possibly moving up and also some talk about Burrow not wanting to play in Cincinnati but I think it’s all smoke. Burrow is an Athens, Ohio native and was originally committed to Ohio State before getting beat-out by Dwayne Haskins. Burrow doesn’t possess an elite-level arm but he does the important things as a QB that will translate over very well to the NFL. His pocket movement, timing and improvisational ability is what makes him the top pick in this year’s draft. This isn’t a direct comparison, but Joe Burrow reminds me of new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young – (EDGE, Ohio State)

2019 Stats: 32 solo tackles, 16.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles

Tua Tagovailoa has been linked to Washington but I don’t see them bringing in another young quarterback at the moment. The Redskins need a superstar and that’s exactly what Chase Young will be in the NFL. His combination of size, athleticism, and technique is very hard to find in college pass-rushers. Washington already has Jonathan Allen, Da’Ron Payne, Matt Ioannidis and Montez Sweat in their front seven; adding Young to that defense would make them one of the best young defenses in the league. If he stays healthy I expect Young to be a Pro Bowl level player in a couple of years.

3. Detroit Lions – Derrick Brown – (iDL, Auburn)

2019 Stats: 33 solo tackles, 4 sacks, 2 FF

The draft really starts at 3, I have no idea what Detroit is looking to do. There have been rumors that they like Derrick Brown and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is the pick here. Brown is an excellent run stuffer but in my opinion, lacks the pass rush skills to be an elite defensive lineman. Detroit could very well go with Jeffrey Okudah as many people predict but I think they could throw us all a major curveball early on. Brown is worthy of a top 20 pick but this would be a major reach this early in the draft considering the position and value Brown brings, compared to Okudah and Simmons.

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4. New York Giants – Jedrick Wills – (OT, Alabama)

I thought all along Isaiah Simmons would be the pick here but offensive tackle has been the buzz the last week for New York. They are set at left tackle with Nate Solder but they need someone to fill their hole at right tackle. Jedrick Wills is one of the smoothest offensive tackles I’ve scouted. He’s massive and really uses his size well in the run game on the right side, which would be ideal for Saquon Barkely. He isn’t the athlete Wirfs is and may not have the same upside but he’s pro-ready and maybe an all-pro level tackle in a few years if he keeps improving like he did last year at Alabama.

5. Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa – (QB, Alabama)

2019 Stats: 2,840 yards passing, 33 Tds, 3 INTs

This is another pick that could change the way the whole course of this year’s draft. I ultimately think Miami takes Tua, but Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and even an offensive tackle have all been talked about and it wouldn’t surprise me if any of these are the pick. Miami has shown before the season that they may have always had their eyes on Tua and if he’s there I think they will pull the trigger. With a bunch of picks Miami can take the risk that comes with Tua, and if he hits Miami will see the benefits pay off down the road. Tua can be a very special quarterback if he stays healthy, but that’s a major if.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Jordan Love – (QB, Utah State)

2019 Stats: 3,402 YDS passing, 20 TDs, 17 INTs

The Chargers look like they’re rolling with Tyrod Taylor for next season so I fully expect them to take whatever quarterback is on the board after the Miami pick. This situation would be perfect for Jordan Love- to sit behind Taylor for his first season and let him take over the job after he learns the system. Love is easily the most polarizing player in this whole class. He comes with so much risk that it could push him to the 2nd round like Drew Lock last year or his rare physical tools could push him up into the top 10. Love was special in 2018 and if he gets some time and some coaching he could be a really good starter, but teams will need to be patient so they will avoid another DeShone Kizer situation.

7. Carolina Panthers – Isaiah Simmons – (LB, Clemson)

2019 Stats: 67 solos 7 sacks 1 FF 3 INTs

After losing Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis the last two years Carolina really needs help in the middle of their defense in order to replace the production of both of those Panther greats. Simmons is a highly talked about player because he doesn’t have a true position but that’s what makes him so valuable. He can play anywhere on defense in the secondary and thrive in the NFL. His size, athleticism, and instinct simply just don’t come around very frequently. He is one of the most complete defensive prospects I’ve scouted, and it would be hard for a coach to mess up his role at the next level. Simmons can simply do everything and he does it at a very high level.

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8. Atlanta Falcons (via Arizona) – Jeffrey Okudah – (CB, Ohio State)

2019 Stats: 29 solos 2 FF 3 INT 9 PBUs

Atlanta has been talked about trading up and it just so happens that Jeffrey Okudah falls. After trading away Desmond Trufant Atlanta needs a corner to come in and take on opposing teams number one option every game. Okudah is a silky smooth corner with very few weaknesses in his game besides the fact that he only started one year at Ohio State. I don’t think that’s a problem however and I would take him top 5 all day. Okudah is one of the best corner prospects since Jalen Ramsey and this is a pick that would make defensive-minded head coach Dan Quinn very happy.

9. Denver Broncos (via Jacksonville) – Henry Ruggs III – (WR, Alabama)

2019 Stats: 40 REC, 746 YDS, 7 TDs

I think Denver is fully in on Henry Ruggs and they will be willing to trade up for him if they think someone else will grab him before they do. Ruggs is a perfect fit with Drew Lock, Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant. Ruggs is one of the fastest collegiate receivers in recent years but he provides much more then just his speed. He isn’t super small like most guys his speed and he uses his athleticism to go up and get balls in the air and in the red zone. I expect him to be a high level WR1 wherever he ends up, but with a quarterback like Drew Lock, Ruggs could thrive even more into a Tyreek Hill type of threat.

10. Cleveland Browns – Andrew Thomas – (OT, Georgia)

I’m not a huge fan of Thomas this high in the draft but he fits the Cleveland offense very well. They are running a heavy outside zone and west coast system that will get the ball out fairly quickly. Thomas isn’t great against the speed rush but his power in the running game would be a great fit for Kevin Stefanski’s offense. The Browns could take any of the other “big 3” tackle prospects (Wirfs, Wills, Becton) but they need a left tackle and I’m not sure of the fit with Becton and the west coast style offense Cleveland will run.

11. New York Jets – Tristan Wirfs – (OT, Iowa)

The Jets need an offensive tackle and someone to protect Sam Darnold. They could go with Wills here but I think Wirfs will be preferred because of his rare athleticism. Wirfs has power and speed, and once you fix some technique issues, you could be looking at one of the best tackles in the league. The problem with Wirfs is he has all these nice traits and doesn’t always use them. He gets too sloppy in his pass sets and lets defenders get leverage too easily, which isn’t gonna work against NFL pass rushers. He’s still a work in progress, and whatever team drafts him will need to be patient. He has Pro Bowl upside if he puts it all together, though.

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12. Las Vegas Raiders – Jerry Jeudy – (WR, Alabama)

2019 Stats: 77 REC, 1,163 YDS, 10 TDs

The new Las Vegas Raiders are lacking a true alpha receiver after trading away Amari Cooper two seasons ago and Jeudy is a rare wide receiver prospect. Las Vegas has Tyrell Williams at X but they need someone to slide in at Z and that’s what Jerry Jeudy’s role will be in the NFL. I think Jeudy’s calling card may be in the slot at the next level but I think he can also operate on the outside at a high level. Jeudy doesn’t have the same ball skills or physicality of CeeDee Lamb but his polish is very rare for college wide receivers. Jeudy’s agility, I.Q., and attention to detail are all things that are going to keep Jeudy around the league for a long time. I think Jeudy is a Stefon Diggs type of talent.

13. San Francisco 49ers – CeeDee Lamb – (WR, Oklahoma)

2019 Stats: 62 REC, 1327 YDS, 14 TDs

San Francisco could very well trade down here but I think Kyle Shanahan is wanting to grab another wide receiver. Jeudy was my favorite fit here but I think his role as a receiver is similar to what they already have in Deebo Samuel, both guys who do most of their work horizontally but can threaten you deep. I think Shanahan would prefer an X receiver with a little bit more physicality then Jeudy has. Lamb is a beast when the ball is in the air and even though he’s not heavy he just is more physical and stronger then defensive backs he went against in college. Lamb is a big play waiting to happen and Shanahan would love having him in the Bay Area catching passes in his offense.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Javon Kinlaw – (iDL, South Carolina)

2019 Stats: 15 solo tackles, 6 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries

Tampa Bay and Tom Brady need one more offensive tackle to solidify the offensive line, but I think Trent Williams is a very realistic possibility for Tampa considering they want to win now, making offensive tackle no longer a need if that happens. Kinlaw is my favorite defensive lineman in this years class and I believe he could be special in the right defensive scheme. He is oozing physical traits and even though he didn’t have great production he made offenses have to change their offensive scheme because of him every single week. Kinlaw is still raw and it make take some time with him but I would feel much more comfortable with him then Derrick Brown.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Denver) – C.J. Henderson – (CB, Florida)

2019 Stats: 26 solo tackles, 11 PBUs

Jacksonville is, in my opinion, the most likely team to trade down. They have a lot of areas to address, especially at corner. Henderson has all the traits you want in a corner. He’s long, very fast and agile; he is going to be very good at man-coverage immediately in the NFL. The one main problem with Henderson is simple: his tackling is terrible. He’s got great potential as a cover and man corner but his tackling could make or break his success at the next level. Similar players have fallen due to these concerns so I wouldn’t be surprised if he fell, but I think Henderson would be a great replacement for the loss of Jalen Ramsey.

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16. Arizona Cardinals (via Atlanta) – Mekhi Becton – (OT, Louisville)

Atlanta trades this pick to move up for Okudah and Arizona picks up some day 2 picks considering they don’t have a 2nd round pick this year. Chaisson could very easily be the pick if he’s here but I think Arizona has to get an offensive tackle to protect Kyler. Becton is a massive tackle who is an absolute animal in the run game and has surprisingly quick feet in pass protection for his size. I  don’t love the fit with a mobile quarterback like Kyler but I think Becton could make it work at right tackle in Arizona’s offense.

17. Dallas Cowboys – K’Lavon Chaisson – (EDGE, LSU)

2019 Stats: 34 solo tackles, 6.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble

Dallas got rid of Byron Jones so they could pay Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper; they need a corner at this spot but no Chaisson is the easy pick here. Chaisson is a very high upside pass rusher who shows the versatility to do many different things. He drops into coverage pretty well and plays the run very well, the only problem is he still needs to work on his pass rush technique. He still has a lack of moves in his arsenal and he relies too much on pure ability and athleticism. If Chaisson ever puts those traits together he could be one of the better players from this years draft class.

18. Miami Dolphins – Josh Jones – (OT, Houston)

Miami needs help at tackle after trading away Laremy Tunsil and Josh Jones is the best tackle available at this spot. With Jones’s size and athleticism, he could play either left or right tackle but would probably settle in at left tackle for Miami. Becton reminds me a little bit of Saints tackle Terron Armstead; Jones is a high upside tackle who dominated the past few years at Houston. He has some technical issues he needs to fix like his kick step which just looks kinda odd. He keeps his hips to tight and he will get exposed by stronger NFL pass rushers who will be able to overpower him when he loses leverage. He relied too much on natural ability but I believe in his upside.

19. Las Vegas Raiders – A.J. Terrell – (CB, Clemson)

2019 Stats: 24 solo tackles, 2 INTs, 3 PBUs

Las Vegas has two first-rounders this draft and I think they should add some help at corner. After taking Clemson defensive end Clelin Ferrell at 4 last year I think Terrell would make a lot of sense. Gruden and Mayock may want to keep the Clemson pipeline going and adding Terrell to their secondary would make a lot of sense. Terrell is a long twitchy athlete who fits the mold of NFL defensive backs. He would fit great on the outside as an off man corner, giving him the change to utilize his athleticism and size. Terrell has a lot of upside and if you look past the Clemson game you’ll see a guy who outperformed his competition all year long.

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20. Jacksonville Jaguars – Xavier McKinney – (SAF, Alabama)

2019 Stats: 59 solos 4 FF 3 INTs 5 PBUs

To put it simply, Jacksonville needs help well….everywhere. They need someone in the back end of their defense though and after losing Jalen Ramsey they don’t have any difference-makers in their secondary. McKinney is almost like a poor mans Isaiah Simmons, he’s another versatile guy who can come up and play some in the box or drop back and play single high. McKinney can be a difference-maker at the next level, just move him around and allow him to make plays wherever he aligns. Versatility is McKinney’s main appeal and he would be a valuable asset in Jacksonville from day one.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Justin Jefferson – (WR, LSU)

2019 Stats: 111 REC, 1,540 YDS, 18 TDs

Philadelphia traded for Darius Slay so corner is out of the equation. That points at wide receiver being the pick here. I think Denzel Mims could also very likely be the pick but I like Jefferson more as a prospect and I like how he fits the Eagles more. Jefferson creates easy separation from the slot and has strong hands but he also is a yards-after-the-catch monster. Jefferson is special with the ball in his hands and had one of the more impressive wide receiver performances in college that I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if Jefferson will ever play consistently on the outside but I think he could be one of the best slots in the league, similar to Keenan Allen.

22. Minnesota Vikings – Denzel Mims – (WR, Baylor)

2019 Stats: 66 REC, 1,020 YDS, 12 TDs

After trading away Stefon Diggs, I really think Minnesota should look to find a replacement for him. With Adam Thielen playing mostly snaps in the slot, I think an outside receiver makes the most sense for the Vikings. Mims had a very impressive combine that I didn’t see coming but, ever since the Senior Bowl, his stock has just continued to rise. Mims’ testing doesn’t match his play-speed, in my opinion, but I’ll be interested to see how he fares with a more diverse route tree. He didn’t run many different routes at Baylor but he lit up the Senior Bowl running a variety of routes and looking comfortable.

23. New England Patriots – Justin Herbert – (QB, Oregon)

2019 Stats: 3,471 yards passing, 32 TDs, 6 INTs

New England lost Tom Brady, of course, and they very well roll with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback, but if Herbert falls this far it’s too obvious of a pick. Herbert is polarizing because he has all the tools you want but his inconsistency is frustrating and leaves you wondering if he will ever put his elite physical tools together or if he will just keep making the same decisions. He has trouble reading defenses, but with coaching like Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick mixed with Herbert’s intelligence and you could be looking at a real dangerous pairing for another couple decades. I don’t know if Herbert falls but if he does watch out for New England.

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24. New Orleans Saints – Patrick Queen – (LB, LSU)

2019 Stats: 37 solos 3 sacks 1 INTs

New Orleans doesn’t have too many glaring needs but they could definitely use some help at linebacker. Patrick Queen lifted his stock pretty quickly in a few months and for good reason. He’s a very good athlete and has quick instincts and lateral quickness. He gets overpowered too much and needs to get better at getting off blocks but the potential he has in coverage makes him the pick above Kenneth Murray, and overall Queen has the higher ceiling if he can put on some more strength and get better overall against the run. Queen has everything you want in an inside linebacker and would fit easily in New Orleans.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Jaylon Johnson – (CB, Utah)

2019 Stats: 34 solos 2 INTs 11 PBUs

Minnesota got rid of long-time corner Xavier Rhodes and they need someone to come in to replace him. Jaylon Johnson is a player Mike Zimmer would covet. He’s a long press man corner who is very physical on the outside. Johnson is a tough corner who uses his length well, but his deep speed may be his biggest hurdle going to the next level. He is going to be able to be more physical then receivers but his speed will be tested early on the outside. Minnesota could take an offensive tackle at this spot but their secondary looked rough this past year and they need to bring in another young corner to try and get that secondary fixed.

26. Miami Dolphins – Jeremy Chinn – (SAF, Southern Illinois)

2019 Stats: 7 solos 4 INTs

Miami traded away Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Steelers so adding someone on the back end of their defense to replace him makes sense. Chinn was so fun to watch in the limited amount of games I got to watch of him at SIU. He’s got closing speed very similar to Chargers safety Nasir Adderly who was one of my guys last year. He brings the boom coming down hill also, he loves physicality and made a ton of impressive plays from strong safety last year. Chinn’s physicality and ability agfainst the run will also make him a good option to be a nickel linebacker at the next level. Don’t be surprised if Chinn is the first safety off the board.

27. Seattle Seahawks – Ezra Cleveland – (OT, Boise State)

Seattle always plans to throw a curveball into things and I don’t think Cleveland is anywhere near a first-round pick but here we are. They need help at offensive tackle and Cleveland makes a lot of sense. He should sit from day one because he’s simply not ready but in time this risk could pay off for Seattle. Cleveland is a good athlete and pass protector and Russell Wilson needs athletic lineman who can move because that’s a huge part of what Russell Wilson does. Cleveland needs to put on strength but if he gets stronger and gets some time to sit this could pay off for Seattle, even though I think it’s risky to pick.

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28. Baltimore Ravens – Cesar Ruiz – (iOL, Michigan)

Baltimore lost Marshal Yanda this offseason and they need someone to come in and try to replace his production. Ruiz is my second-graded interior offensive lineman and I think his fit with Baltimore and their run-first scheme makes a ton of sense. Ruiz, in my opinion, can play center or guard, and with Bradley Bozeman there it would probably be center. His ability to get after it in the run game would be the perfect replacement for Yanda. Ruiz is powerful but his feet move very well also. He can play in a variety of different offenses but I love his fit with Baltimore at this spot.

29. Tennessee Titans – Isaiah Wilson – (OT, Georgia)

The Titans went on a deep run in the playoffs this year thanks to Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill. Jack Conklin left to go to Cleveland so right tackle is a position that needs to be addressed by Tennessee in this year’s draft. Although he doesn’t belong in the discussion Isaiah Wilson has been talked about as a 1st round pick and this is the best spot for him. Wilson is all traits right now and wins with pure power, but that will need to change if he wants to be a quality level starter at the next level because he’s nowhere near ready to start yet. I think Wilson would be suited better at guard but I think he gets a try at right tackle.

30. Green Bay Packers – Brandon Aiyuk – (WR, Arizona State)

2019 Stats: 65 REC, 1,192 YDs, 8 TDs

Green Bay needs another weapon in the passing game and Brandon Aiyuk is starting to pick up steam lately. I’ve been pretty high on Aiyuk for some time but it seems like others are really starting to like him. He’s so good after the catch that I think he’s immediately going to be a very good starter in the slot. Don’t let his forty times full you; Aiyuk played faster than everyone else on the field and even took some slants to the house this year. He’s a sloppy route-runner right now, which is expected for a potential year-one starter but he can start in the slot early in his career. His build, YAC-ability, and sub-par route running remind me a ton of D.J. Moore as a prospect.

31. Cleveland Browns (via San Francisco) – Antoine Winfield Jr. – (SAF, Minnesota)

2019 Stats: 62 solos 2 FF 7 INTs 1 PBU

I have Cleveland trading up with Jacksonville to land one of my favorite players in this years class. Winfield is such a fun player and he would be a perfect fit in Cleveland’s defense. Winfield isn’t the biggest guy but he can match up well against tight ends in the slot or come down into the box and make plays as a run defender. My favorite trait about Winfield is his outstanding football I .q. He always finds himself in the right place at the right time. He’s an incredibly instinctive player and ill never bet against someone who always has a knack for making plays as he can. Cleveland has some holes to fill but they need to be aggressive in moving up for a safety or linebacker that falls.

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32. Kansas City Chiefs – Kristian Fulton – (CB, LSU)

2019 Stats: 28 solo tackles, 1 INT, 14 PBUs 

Kansas City is just coming off their first Super Bowl win with Patrick Mahomes but they have some holes they desperately need to fill, especially in their defensive backfield. Kristian Fulton slips a little bit in this mock but Fulton is a heck of a player and would make Kansas City fans very happy. Fulton is a very good man corner who relies on good athleticism and good technique to stay with some of the better wide receivers in the country in the SEC. He played primarily man this year and even ran man against Tyreek Hill and held his own. Fulton isn’t a great tackler but at this spot Kansas City should be more than willing to overlook that.

Round 2

  • 33. Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Epenesa – (EDGE, Iowa)
  • 34. Indianapolis Colts – Noah Igbinoghene – (CB, Auburn)
  • 35. Detroit Lions – Damon Arnette – (CB, Ohio State)
  • 36. New York Giants – Zack Baun – (LB, Wisconsin)
  • 37. Los Angeles Chargers – Lucas Niang – (OT, TCU)
  • 38. Carolina Panthers – Jeff Gladney – (CB, TCU)
  • 39. Miami Dolphins – J.K. Dobbins – (RB, Ohio State)
  • 40. Houston Texans –  Yetur Gross-Matos – (EDGE, Penn State)
  • 41. San Francisco 49ers – Trevon Diggs – (CB, Alabama)
  • 42. Jacksonville Jaguars – Laviska Shenault Jr. – (WR, Colorado)
  • 43. Chicago Bears – Lloyd Cushenberry III, (iOL, LSU)
  • 44. Indianapolis Colts – Michael Pittman Jr. – (WR, USC)
  • 45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – D’Andre Swift – (RB, Georgia)
  • 46. Denver Broncos – Austin Jackson – (OT, USC)
  • 47. Arizona Cardinals (via Atlanta) – Josh Uche – (EDGE, Michigan)
  • 48. New York Jets – Jalen Reagor – (WR, TCU)
  • 49. Pittsburgh Steelers – Neville Gallimore – (iDL, Oklahoma)
  • 50. Chicago Bears –  Grant Delpit – (SAF, LSU)
  • 51. Dallas Cowboys – Cam Dantzler – (CB, Mississippi State)
  • 52. Los Angeles Rams  –  Kenneth Murray  – (LB, Oklahoma)
  • 53. Philadelphia Eagles – Willie Gay Jr. – (LB, Mississippi State)
  • 54. Buffalo Bills – Julian Okwara – (EDGE, Notre Dame)
  • 55. Baltimore Ravens – Jordyn Brooks – (LB, Texas Tech)
  • 56. Miami Dolphins – Terrell Lewis – (EDGE, Alabama)
  • 57. Los Angeles Rams – Jonah Jackson – (iOL, Ohio State)
  • 58. Minnesota Vikings – Darrell Taylor – (EDGE, Tennessee)
  • 59. Seattle Seahawks – Robert Hunt – (iOL, Louisiana Lafayette)
  • 60. Baltimore Ravens – Tee Higgins – (WR, Clemson)
  • 61. Tennessee Titans – Ross Blacklock – (iDL, TCU)
  • 62. Green Bay Packers – Justin Madubuike – (iDL, Texas A&M)
  • 63. Kansas City Chiefs – Jonathan Taylor – (RB, Wisconsin)
  • 64. Seattle Seahawks – Curtis Weaver – (EDGE, Boise State)

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