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Christina is a long-time independent journalist, blogger and author who has been an active contributor to several sports news networks with a focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers and NFL. An Iowa-native, Christina is an alumnus of Brigham Young University where she majored in Exercise Physiology & Kinesthesiology and Psychology (emphasis in sports). She has also covered the Arena Football League (AFL, Iowa Barnstormers) and worked as a credentialed member of the sports reporting community. Christina fell in love with the Steelers and Terry Bradshaw when she was five and still has her first jersey even though she is now “in love” with her spouse and ‘furry children’. Sorry, Mr. Bradshaw. She is the author of one fictional and one Steelers book and is working on several new writing, photography, and art projects. You can see more about her personal and professional life at her official website:

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Veteran NFL offensive linemap Stefan Wisniewski signs with the Pittsburgh Steelers (March 2020)

Steelers can enter 2020 Draft without alarm after free agency, restructuring

Recently, the Steel City Underground podcast discussion surrounded what the fallout during free agency looked like for the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers. After a few key signings and restructured deals, the Pittsburgh Steelers - who were cash-strapped and looked unlikely to make much noise in the free-agent markets - can enter ...

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NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith gives a press conference about the 2020 CBA vote (USAToday Sports)

NFL, NFLPA to move forward without delay of 2020 league season, for now

With other professional, collegiate, and amateur sports leagues and organizations cancelling events or holding them without a fanbase in the seats due to concerns over the worldwide spread of COVID-19, the National Football League and NFLPA had to re-enter negotiations on Sunday after the announcement that the ratified CBA had ...

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