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Christina is a long-time independent journalist, blogger and author who has been an active contributor to several sports news networks with a focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers and NFL. An Iowa-native, Christina is an alumnus of Brigham Young University where she majored in Exercise Physiology & Kinesthesiology and Psychology (emphasis in sports). She has also covered the Arena Football League (AFL, Iowa Barnstormers) and worked as a credentialed member of the sports reporting community. Christina fell in love with the Steelers and Terry Bradshaw when she was five and still has her first jersey even though she is now “in love” with her spouse and ‘furry children’. Sorry, Mr. Bradshaw. She is the author of one fictional and one Steelers book and is working on several new writing, photography, and art projects. You can see more about her personal and professional life at her official website:

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Steelers Fan Friday: Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments

We're one more weekend closer to the Pittsburgh Steelers entering training camp and for this week's Fan Friday, we thought it'd be fun to look back at some of the most memorable Super Bowl moments for the black and gold. In our Steel City Underground backroom, we all had favorite ...

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Keisel strip of Brady seals win with a safety

Steelers Throwback Thursday: Keisel strip of Brady seals win with a safety

Steel City Underground presents "Steelers Throwback Thursday" featuring plays from recent seasons which you may have forgotten about! Now we're "bringing them back!" During the 2011-12 NFL season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were on a three-game win streak in October when they hosted the New England Patriots at Heinz Field. Looking ...

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Steelers defenders Jack Lambert and Joe Greene go after Pruitt of the Cleveland Browns (wikicommons)

Steelers Fan Friday: Could the Pittsburgh, Cleveland rivalry heat back up?

Welcome to Friday and the official beginning of summer, Steelers fans. To kick off the beginning of the weekend, it felt right to address an ongoing discussion surrounding the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. There's plenty of scuttlebutt among NFL fans on social media threads talking about ...

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Steelers Fan Friday: Why all the hoopla over player jersey numbers?

It's Friday, and it seemed appropriate to talk about some of the trending Pittsburgh Steelers fan questions and discussions. One of the hottest topics discussed during the Steelers' OTAs has been the assignment of jersey numbers to players - both new and those who've been with the team for a ...

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Steelers loved and lost: memorializing Mike Webster

While the history behind Memorial Day in the United States is not clear as to the date or place of origin, and the tradition has become a day for Americans to remember and honor loved ones who have passed -- both while serving in the armed forces and those who ...

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