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Mark Lohn Staff Writer

Mark Lohn grew up in Phoenix in the 60’s and 70’s. We did not have a professional football team at that time (Cardinals arrived in 1988). I loved football, but I had a problem: who do I root for?

Fortunately it all came together as a young lad. My Dad grew up in South Dakota and liked the Vikings. My Mom was born and raised in Zelienople, PA. My grandfather worked for U.S. Steel for 50 years.

Well, the Steelers and the Vikings played in the 1974 Super Bowl and I was committed to rooting for whoever won. Thank GOD the Steelers kicked their ass!

So here I am. The old man on the squad. I have a Bachelors in Technology and a Master in Organizational Management and still work full-time for a hospital company in their Supply Chain ERP, and taking care of Mom. (Dad recently passed away.) I am the father of two wonderful children (boy and girl) and the grandfather of three even more wonderful children. My son is a Major in the Air Force and my daughter is an Iraq veteran.

For fun, I ride my bike as often as I can, I do different types of exercises and I still have 15 pounds to lose. I also now write for Steel City Underground because I love using my analogy of the game and the team.