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In case you missed it, here's the Daily Steelers Grind for March 17th, 2017, highlighting some of the best Pittsburgh Steelers content out there.

From the horse's mouth (as they say)

Barwin done looking

Cook to Raiders

Carr busy helping others too

Corners on the move


McFadden stays, Murray goes

And Poe is now a Falcon

Steelers announce OTAs

Where will Brown go?

Lacy's new contract has weight loss incentives

There's a statement

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  1. VinHuddle says:

    Personally I think Revis, for the right money and as the 3rd CB, would be worth a gamble. Your have to believe after last season’s dismal showing that he’d have that fire and desire that he still has something in the old gas tank. Any thoughts if he can switch and play safety at all?

    • Joe Kuzma says:

      VinHuddle, not sure if you’ve checked out our podcasts yet, but Friday’s episode with myself and Brian Roach goes into some detail about signing Revis. Should I find the time, an article could be out about that discussion as soon as tomorrow. You’re on the right path though, but I don’t think he has to play safety within the Steelers system.

      • VinHuddle says:

        No I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I’ll be sure to try and check it out. Have you heard anything if the Steelers are even interested in Revis? Say they are, my guess is that talks will hit a snag because of money. He has too much ego imo to accept a fair, “prove last yr was a fluke” type deal and will still expect to be paid like Revis Island is Shangri La.

          • VinHuddle says:

            Do you have any thoughts on Sensabaugh? To be honest, I know next to nothing about him and whether he provides depth or talented enough to be a starter.

          • Joe Kuzma says:

            Like the Hunter and Knile Davis signings, this sets the Steelers up with backup plans should their draft board not workout the way they want. They can now focus on an EDGE rusher and outside corner IMO. Sensabaugh can play both but projects to the slot. Gives them insurance if Golson doesn’t work out… and we all think Gay is declining too.

          • VinHuddle says:

            I like the signing of Knile Davis as well, fan of his going back to his Razorback days. I really hope the organization will go Edge and CB or vice versa, with their 1st & 2nd picks and then possibly dbl dip at 1of those positions. I’d say dbl dip at both but I doubt seriously that’d happen.

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