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Welcome to our weekly fan forum where we ask Steelers Nation to vote on the burning questions surrounding the football team this week!

We also take submissions as well. Feel free to ask any of Team SCU a question and we'll either answer it here or set up a poll for fans to vote on each week.

With the first pick...

Which is the bigger priority? Would you like to see the Steelers go after a pass rusher (EDGE) or do they need more help covering players in the secondary?

Are you in the camp that they need Ben Roethlisberger's successor? We'd like to hear your take!

Who's your pass rusher?

We didn't list "EDGE" in the top spot of the above poll for nothing!

Too bad Twitter only let's us pick four: so this is it. You get to pick one of these four prospects. Who are you taking?

Who's your corner?

Pittsburgh still needs help defending the pass. You have your choice of these great college players. Which one gets the draft cap?

What's going on?

Seriously. We still haven't heard anything about Martavis Bryant's reinstatement. The NFL missed out on a good 4/20 joke by not doing it on Thursday.

So what do you think: is it going to happen soon? Or not?

This always bothered me

Pirates games are always fun for at least one reason.

Following the end of the 5th inning, Pierogies take the field to run what's known as the Great Pierogi Race. This year, the team unveield an addition, Pizza Penny.

Like the other "female" contestants, and unlike her "male" counterparts (I can't believe I just used those words together to describe a Pierogi) Penny has a purse. I'm of the opinion it should be banned from allowing her an unfair edge, but some argue the extra weight could slow Penny down.

What's your take?

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