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SCU Weekly NFL Pick'em

Each week a panel of SCU contributors will pick their winners and losers. Let’s see who does the best by the end of the season!

Who says that football games are predictable? (Hopefully no one!)

Week 3 of the NFL season was not a good week for the SCU staff. With several games having a majority choosing the same winner, everyone's records took a hit last week, as the Ravens, Broncos, Steelers, Browns, Dolphins, Panthers, and more all lost their games.

I mean, seriously, the Jets? Would've picked the Jets to win? (Or the Bears for that matter... ugh!)

The team looks to bounce back this week as everyone puts their thinking cap back on and attempts to predict the future.

Week 4 Picks

SCU Weekly Picks - Week 4 - 2017

Last Week's Picks

SCU Weekly Picks - Week 3 - 2017

Overall Records

Joe Brian Zach Eric Tina Terry Mike P Jimmy Mike D Tommy Zac
WK 1 10-5 10-5 8-7 9-6 11-4 11-4 9-6 9-6 10-5 11-4 8-7
WK 2 13-3 13-3 12-4 11-5 10-6 11-5 10-6 12-4 12-4 11-5 12-4
WK 3 8-8 9-7 8-8 9-7 7-9 5-11 7-9 7-9 9-7 7-9 8-8

For the first time this year several people were on the wrong side of the prediction spectrum. The best record this week was 9-7, held by three individuals.

Current Standings

Brian retains bragging rights, as he breaks ahead with a one-game lead on Joe Kuzma and Mike Drakulich. But anything can happen as several others are only separated by a small margin of games.

Place Name Record
1 Brian 32-15
2 Joe 31-16
3 Mike D 31-16
4 Eric 29-18
5 Tommy 29-18
6 Zach 28-19
7 Tina 28-19
8 Jimmy 28-19
9 Zac 28-19
10 Terry 27-20
11 Mike P 26-21

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