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Steelers Jaguars Madden sim
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The day is here and the Steelers return after a bye week in a rematch with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Let's see how our Madden simulation stacks up!

Madden 18 Steelers Sims

In order to whet your appetite for Steelers football, we've come up with the next best thing: a Madden simulation! Everybody knows the most accurate and realistic way to predict a football game is through a simulation on Madden (sarcasm).

Using the power of Madden 18 and a PlayStation 4, we simulated the full game NFL game. While this sim may not be a 100% accurate portrayal of what we can expect this week, it's still a fun exercise to keep us a sneak peek of what we can possibly expect.

We'll also be keeping track of how accurate our sims win prediction is throughout the 2017 season.

So sit back and enjoy the highlight reel from this week's SCU Madden sim!

Game Highlights

Final Score

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