2014: A Season For Celebration

Chuck Noll

The Steelers will wear helmet decals as part of a season-long commemoration of Chuck Noll’s coaching career. The decals will be unveiled for the home opener against the Cleveland Browns; this coincides with Sept. 7 having already been designated Chuck Noll Day.

Retiring #75

“Mean” Joe Greene’s number 75 will be retired on November 2nd, when the Steelers host their rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, at home. Greene was a member of the Steelers organization for 27 years, either as a player, coach or scout for that duration. For 50 years, DT Ernie Stautner was the only player in Steelers history to have his jersey number retired.

First Super Bowl Win

The team will celebrate the 40th anniverary of their first Super Bowl win on November 30th. The patches will only be worn once. The game, which is being played against the Saints, aligns with the first win being in the city of New Orlean’s, at Tulane Stadium.

Throwback Jerseys

The “prison stripes” are back again this year! Love them or hate them, the team will wear the 1934 inspired “bumblebee” striped black and gold uniforms only once this season, against the Indianapolis Colts on October 26th.

Note: this article has been edited since it’s original publication.

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