How The Steelers Can Beat The Seahawks

I will cover the Seahawks later this week in my game preview, but I believe this team is not the same Super Bowl contender that we have seen in recent years. They are a beatable team with a marginal 5-5 record.

Here are the keys to beating Seattle:

Sack Russell Wilson

With a weakened offensive line, QB Russell Wilson has been sacked 35 times this year. The potential loss of Marshawn Lynch for the season leaves Seattle relying on a rookie RB to carry the load… and help pass protect.

The Steelers defense has 27 sacks this season: 2.7 per game versus Seattle’s average of giving up 3.5 per game. Should Pittsburgh get the quarterback at least 4 times, they should control the Seahawks offense.

Bonus stat: the Steelers have more sacks (27) than the Seahawks (25.) A Steelers offensive line with two fill-ins has only given up 23 sacks this season versus the 35 Seattle’s line has.

Legion of Boom

Seattle’s defense is still formidable, but beatable:

Certainly Ben Roethlisberger is up to the challenge. The Seahawks secondary will also have their hands full with Martavis Bryant, Antonio Brown, Heath Miller and more.

DeAngelo Williams

In 4 of their 5 losses, the Seahawks have given up over 100 yards rushing to their opponents. Williams has 2 100 yard games in 4 games relief of starter Le’Veon Bell.

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