NFL Network Praises Patriots, Not Steelers, For Fighting Through Injuries

The New England Patriots make my blood boil. Yes, it’s because they win and yes, it’s because of the circumstances they win, that irritate most of Steeler Nation. But what really grinds my gears is when NFL Network has to rub in the fact that the Patriots are winning withΒ so many injuries.

Did anyone notice that Pittsburgh was without it’s future Hall of Fame QB for 4 games, while Tom Brady didn’t end up sitting out the same amount of games for an overturned suspension? How would the Pats fare in that situation?

Did the Patriots lose a Pro Bowl Center for the season? (Nate Solder was a center, but moved to tackle this season.)

The Steelers also lost their starting left tackle (Kelvin Beachum) and Pro Bowl running back (Le’Veon Bell) for 10 total games this year.

Let this list sink in to the morning show talking heads before they start praising New England overcoming obstacles this season:

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