Steelers beat the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium again in this week’s Madden simulation

Steelers Nation may be biting their nails as the Steelers head to Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati for a primetime game against the Bengals this Monday, but we’re here to tell you not to fret: our trusty Madden 18 video game simulation has predicted great things for the black and gold!

In order to whet your appetite for Steelers football, we’ve come up with the next best thing: a Madden simulation! Everybody knows the most accurate and realistic way to predict a football game is through a simulation on Madden (sarcasm).

Using the power of Madden 18 and a PlayStation 4, we simulated the full game NFL game. While this sim may not be a 100% accurate portrayal of what we can expect this week, it’s still a fun exercise to keep us a sneak peek of what we can possibly expect.

We’ll also be keeping track of how accurate our sims win prediction is throughout the 2017 season.

So sit back and enjoy the highlight reel from this week’s SCU Madden sim!

Game Highlights

Final Score

Madden Sim Steelers Titans

2017 prediction accuracy: 9-2

Very rarely does the Madden 18 simulation pick the Steelers to lose, so the predictions have been fairly steady this season… and though they don’t line up exact with the real season, the record has remained the same.

Prediction Result Accuracy
Week 1 Steelers win 23-17 Steelers win 21-18 True
Week 2 Vikings win 38-34 Steelers win 26-9 False
Week 3 Bears win 35-21 Bears win 23-17 True
Week 4 Steelers win 34-21 Steelers win 26-9 True
Week 5 Steelers win 63-14 Jaguars win 30-9 False
Week 6 Steelers win 38-32 Steelers win 19-13 True
Week 7 Steelers win 38-16 Steelers win 29-14 True
Week 8 Steelers win 34-31 Steelers win 20-15 True
Week 10 Steelers win 24-16 Steelers win 20-17 True
Week 11 Steelers win 24-21 Steelers win 40-17 True
Week 12 Steelers win 17-14 Steelers win 31-28 True
Week 13 Steelers win 27-20 TBD TBD

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