Watch: Justin Hunter’s sliding touchdown catch

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A training camp darling is a player who shows up to camp in the offseason and performs incredibly well in practice, to the point where even fans take notice. However, there are two types of training camp darlings: the ones who make an immediate and lasting impact on the team, and the ones who fizzle and fade into the oblivion, never to be thought of again.

During the offseason, the Steelers acquired wide receiver Justin Hunter, who showed up to camp and wowed everyone with his skills. He played a solid number of reps in practice with the starters, due to the suspension of Martavis Bryant and an injury to JuJu Smith-Schuster. When those two players returned, they overshadowed Hunter in the preseason and he was hardly heard from again… until Christmas Day.

In what must be a gift for a player who has hung on for so long, Hunter came away with his first touchdown of the 2017 season in Pittsburgh’s 15th game of the year. Hunter became the 10th player to catch a touchdown pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger, and this particular catch was an important one, as it started a lead the Steelers wouldn’t look back from, in a 34-6 win over the Texans.

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