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SCU March Madness tournament

Welcome to Steel City Underground's latest March Madness creation: The "Best" NFL Jersey Tournament!

Now I know you're wondering, just what the heck is this?

Well, during the dead months of the NFL offseason, we honestly don't have much to talk about... except for college basketball... and since the NCAA March Madness tournament isn't football, we decided to blend the two after a recent internal debate about which team has the best uniforms!

For those of you visiting this as your first entry into the series: you can catch up on all of the details, including previous match ups and how we determined seeding, by visiting the official SCU's Best NFL Jersey Tournament page.

Without further adieu, here are today's contestants:

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(9) Carolina Panthers

The Panthers uniforms are a modern classic. They haven't changed much, if anything, since entering the league over 20 years ago. Their "Carolina Blue" matches a similar theme seen throughout their home state of North Carolina.

Carolina Panthers

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(24) San Francisco 49ers

San Fran has tinkered with their uniforms over the years, but after having the big blocky "shadows" numbers, they have returned to more of a throwback style jersey and pants, while continuing with the retooled helmet and logo they first went to in the 90's.

The red and gold work well with the "gold rush" concept of the true "49ers".

San Francisco 49ers

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Previous Tournament Entries

All polls remain open during the first round of the tournament, so be sure to vote for the team uniforms you'd like to see emerge victorious.

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