SCU’s Best NFL Jersey Tournament Round 2: Buccaneers vs. Rams

Welcome to Steel City Underground’s latest March Madness creation: The “Best” NFL Jersey Tournament!

For a recap of how we set this up, plus results thus far, please refer to our main SCU March Madness page.

Second Round

Tampa Bay overcame a division match up with Atlanta to move into the second round. Here they face a Rams team that combined their St. Louis remake with a flare from their past days in L.A.

Here’s how the two teams look:

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(26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers switched up their uniforms a few seasons ago, changing just about everything except for their colors this time. The pirate flag is larger than on previous helmets and the numbers are custom made for the team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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(10) Los Angeles Rams

Two classic takes by way of different means: first the Rams, who recently returned to Los Angeles the previous season. The team integrated their LA roots into their existing, modern look from their St. Louis era, by changing the classic gold ram “horns” on their helmet to white.

The result is an instant classic, but in this tournament, they’re up against an AFL original.


Los Angeles Rams

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Previous Tournament Entries

All polls remain open during the first round of the tournament, so be sure to vote for the team uniforms you’d like to see emerge victorious.

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