SCU’s Best NFL Jersey Tournament Round 2: Texans vs. Lions

Welcome to Steel City Underground’s latest March Madness creation: The “Best” NFL Jersey Tournament!

For a recap of how we set this up, plus results thus far, please refer to our main SCU March Madness page.

Second Round

New versus old highlights today’s matchup, with the Texans overcoming another contemporary uniform of their division rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars, to go up against a Detroit Lions revamped kit which bested the old school style of the Washington Redskins.

Here’s how the two teams look:

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(29) Houston Texans

A different variation of the red, white, and blue theme saw throughout the tournament feels like a great fit for a Texas-based team.

The Texans are also one of few teams to have three different pants options, which give them a larger spectrum of color combinations for game day.

Houston Texans

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(13) Detroit Lions

For the longest time, the Lions bucked trends and stuck with tradition. The latest iteration of their uniform continues that trend, yet, with a contemporary twist. The change in numbers and trim highlight classic colors and the traditional-looking helmet (complete with updated logo).

Detroit Lions

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Previous Tournament Entries

All polls remain open during the first round of the tournament, so be sure to vote for the team uniforms you’d like to see emerge victorious.

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