Mike Tomlin’s comments on the Steelers close road win against the Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference immediately following the Steelers game. Here’s a breakdown of of the coach’s comments about their performance.

Opening Statement

Tough environment today. Obviously, the Ravens’ were playing with a lot of resolve. It’s great to get an AFC North road victory under those circumstances. We weren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I just loved the spirit, the competitiveness of the group. And, I am just very grateful to get out of here with a win. We don’t have a lot of time to absorb it. We have to quickly transition to Thursday night ball and embrace that challenge.

So, real quickly, we’ll get ready to move forward. Not a lot of significant injuries to speak of. Everyone that got hurt at some point, reentered the game. Ben [Roethlisberger] just got the wind knocked out of him. The other stuff was probably even less than that. We’re thankful on that front as well.

Tough environment for our football team. It’s always that way when you come in here. I don’t think we helped ourselves with the penalties. We’ll look at those and see what they are, we’ll analyze that and look at what we’re doing at an effort to be cleaner there. That was not an asset to our cause.

On QB Joshua Dobbs’s third down conversion deep in Steeler territory

Josh [Dobbs] is uniquely mature as an individual, not as a football player. He’s “Steady Eddie. That personality trait is a personality trait to him. We have a great deal of confidence in him.

You know, that guy was challenged in a big way, to earn the job he has, the role that he has for us. He has never blinked at any point in the process, even when it was seemingly stacked against him.

Because of that, we have a great deal of confidence in him, and it was displayed. He confirmed it with his play.

On Pittsburgh’s third down conversion rate, 10-of-15

It was huge for us. We were sitting in solid position at halftime the last time we played them. I don’t know how many third downs we converted in the second half at Heinz Field. But we acknowledge that this defense in particular was stingy in the second half in that area.

I actually thought that first drive of the second half, after we were able to convert a couple third downs and drive down the field, really set the stage for us to combat that area of the match up.

On holding Baltimore to field goals in the red zone in the first half

You talk about what the Ravens’ offense does uniquely well, they were third or fourth in red zone offense in the NFL. So to hold those guys to field goals in the first half was also significant.

I think those were the two most significant elements to the game – holding those guys to field goals and us being able to convert on third down in the second half.

On the Steelers’ resiliency to scratch out a win here

I just think the further we go down this journey, the tape is the story teller. If we’re doing what we’re supposed to do they need no endorsement from me. You see it, it should jump at you off the tape.

On the moment of silence before the game that Baltimore stands with Pittsburgh

We in this NFL community, man, this is a brotherhood. We understand the roles that we play within our community, and we embrace that. We want to be leaders within our community and for this nation.

If we can entertain our fans on a Sunday and maybe forget some of the realities for a moment, then we embrace that opportunity to contribute in that way. We want to show respect to those who are hurting.

I appreciate that from the Ravens, not that it was unexpected. They are a class organization.

On what RB James Conner means to the offense

I don’t want to take anything away from James [Conner], but the big boys up front are opening up holes, and so it’s a collective effort. James [Conner] is going above and beyond, but I am more pleased on what he is doing in the passing game from a blitz pickup standpoint.

That’s a little more unique than the rushing. We knew he could run the ball since he showed up at Pitt at 18 or 19 years old.

On Matt Feiler filling in at OT

The standard is the standard. Matt [Feiler] is just the latest guy to display that. We have a lot of guys that are capable, and we just respect what they are capable of. We expect everybody when they are presented with an opportunity to be successful.

So, we respect Matt [Feiler]. We know he’s capable, and he continues to show that he is, like others have. What’s unique about Matt [Feiler] is that Chris Hubbard had that role last year, and it’s just good for Matt [Feiler] for his career to continue in that tradition.

On if he’s happy with his teams consistent play

I am not painting anything with a broad brush. I am just trying to win week in week out. When we get further on down this road, it will be revealed to us instead of us going out searching it. We have a short week coming up. We have Carolina, and that’s all I am focused on.

Transcript provided by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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