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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin watches practice during the 2018 NFL regular season

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference immediately following the Steelers game. Here's a breakdown of of the coach's comments about their performance.

Opening Statement

Disappointing game in a lot of ways. First and foremost, the result. Got to win those, we didn’t. There are consequences, we’ll absorb it, we’ll be back. On the injury front, a number of things. [Justin] Hunter has a shoulder, he wasn’t able to return. Kameron Canaday, the long snapper, has got a knee sprain. James Conner has a lower leg contusion. Ryan Switzer is in the concussion protocol. Anthony Chickillo has an ankle. Disappointing, you got to tip your cap to the Chargers. They made the necessary plays. This time of year, when you win, you say very little. When you lose, you say less.

What happened with the offsides on the field goal?

Evidently, we were offsides. On a number of those.

What was the explanation of the first touchdown when the Chargers tackle jumped?

It was no explanation than they missed it. It’s unfortunate.

Re: How he felt about his challenge not getting overturned on the spotting of the ball

I am not getting into the officiating elements of what transpired and how it was communicated. I’m just not. It doesn’t change the outcome of the game.

When does Chris Boswell become concerning to you with the missed field goals?

There were so many things that transpired in the game that I am not ready to address that element of it. Obviously, he’s got to make extra points. He didn’t in that instance. He’s our kicker, but a lot of things transpired in that game, so I am not ready to address that.

Did you get a sense of when this game turned?

We didn’t establish rhythm in the beginning of the second half. We had a couple drives killed by penalties, holding penalties, it’s catastrophic. I am going to keep my mouth shut. I am going to do that because I send enough money to New York.

Transcript provided by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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