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SCU Weekly NFL Pick'em

Each week a panel of SCU contributors will pick their winners and losers. Let’s see who does the best by the end of the season!

Our staff is at it again, this time it’s down to two games: the conference championship round!

Last week, everyone stayed above water with their picks, even if a few of us didn’t get “our way”. What’s interesting is, this week’s picks are nearly consistent across the board, with only two picks, one in each game, being different.

If you're looking to make your own picks, visit to find out how to bet on AFC and NFC championship games.)

Now, here are our picks for the AFC and NFC title games!

This Week's Picks

SCU’s 2018 NFL Pick’em: Conference Championships

Last Week's Picks

SCU’s 2018 NFL Pick’em: Divisional Round Winners

Divisional Round Results

Name Record
Mike P. 3-1
Noah 3-1
Ryan 3-1
Terry 3-1
Tina 3-1
Zach 3-1
Brian 2-2
Chase 2-2
Eric 2-2
Joe 2-2
Tommy 2-2
Zac 2-2

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