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Santonio Holmes game-winning touchdown against Ravens
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Steel City Underground presents "Steelers Throwback Thursday" featuring plays from recent seasons which you may have forgotten about! Now we're "bringing them back!"

The 10-3 Pittsburgh Steelers were looking to secure the AFC North division title by putting away the 9-4 Baltimore Ravens during their Week 15 encounter at M&T Bank Stadium.

Little did we know that this big play in a one-game separation for the division crown, and home playoff rights, would be a preview of bigger things to come.

Trailing 9-6 with 3:36 remaining in the game, Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense went to work. Pass play after pass play was the Steelers medicine as Roethlisberger slowly picked apart the Ravens defense, starting at their own 8-yard line but working their way down to the Ravens 4 with under a minute remaining in the game.

On 3rd-and-4, the Steelers were looking for a win: to do so, they needed a touchdown, not a game-tying field goal.

Ben took the snap, and in classic Roethlisberger fashion extends the play by scrambling in what seems like forever: before he found his receiver, Santonio Holmes, who makes a dazzling tiptoe touchdown catch which had to be challenged by the replay assistant… and overturned for the score to count!

The Steelers would 13-9 lead would hold as the team secured the division championship as well as a critical victory which would bode well for them hosting the Ravens at home for a rematch in the AFC Championship game before going on to winning Super Bowl 43 on a similar Santonio Holmes highlight catch!

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