Watch: Mason Rudolph connects with Chase Claypool on improbable, deep fourth-down touchdown

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Today we witnessed the possible future of Mason Rudolph at the helm. We also saw Chase Claypool remind us why he is a force to be reckoned with in his future career.

The Steelers lost a close game 24-22 to the Cleveland Browns to finish an incredible season at 12-4. While it did not change one thing for the playoffs, it gave us insight into what the future of this team can be going through the playoffs as well as the upcoming years.

Today did plant a question into many fans’ minds: is Mason the future quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

I need to see more but today showed me he has the potential to take over the driver’s seat in this offense. It showed with his connection with rookie Chase Claypool, even when it was a do or die situation.

Early in the 4th quarter, the Steelers were down 24-9. Mason and company are on a long drive, already converting on 4th down previously in the drive. Mike Tomlin decides to double-down and goes for it on 4th and 10 on the Cleveland 28 yard line.

Facing pressure, Mason drops back and launches a near-perfect spiral to Chase on the sideline and he snags the pass with the Browns defender draped all over him.

It is still unclear to me how Claypool got this pass, but I am not complaining.

While the 2020 season is finally over, now is when the real show starts as Cleveland heads to our house to face a fully stocked Steelers team this time. May I remind everyone the last time we played them in our building when it mattered?

All I know is it will be an amazing game. I am ready to see what this team after all the adversity can do when their number is called upon.

Onto wildcard weekend!

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