Ben Beberman
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Ben Beberman Staff Writer

I was born in Princeton, New Jersey. I moved to North Carolina at the age of eight. I have lived here ever since. I have been a Steelers fan ever since I was introduced to the sport of football. Outside of football, some of my interests include music, history, and gaming.

I am a self-taught guitarist and played in symphony through my years of school all the way through college. I began my college wanting to be a chemist, but I soon found out that I was unfit for that task. I soon discovered that I had a way with words. I chose to train as a journalist. I decided why not combine two loves, sports and writing.

During my time in college, I was a sportswriter that covered baseball for the Charlotte 49ers. Now a graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte and a member of Lambda Pi Eta, I embark to give the world my point of view.

If there is one sentence to sum up my view on life, it is “the only regrets are the chances you don’t take.”