Watch: Eric Ebron snags over-the-shoulder touchdown pass from Big Ben

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Well…that totally went as planned.

The Pittsburgh Steelers season ended very early by a heartbreaking loss to the Cleveland Browns 48-37.

Yesterday was one of the hardest games we have watched in recent memories. It also gave us a sign that things need to change from the top down for this team to make a serious push for a 7th Lombardi.

Even though the Steelers played like they did not get off the bus, eventually they got things together. One of the few bright spots of the evening was Eric Ebron‘s score which began the effort to comeback against the impossible.

Down 35-10, the Steelers are driving. Ben Roethlisberger is lined up in the gun with the offense spread out. Ben snaps the ball and Ebron runs a clean corner route as Ben lobs the ball right into his arms for a 17-yard score.

I honestly do not know what happens now with the upcoming weeks. It will be the most intense one we’ve seen in many years.

2020 was a wild season full of ups and downs. If it is the end of the road for Ben, thank you for everything. If not, hopefully, Pittsburgh can give it another shot next year. Stay tuned folks, the future of this team will be decided in the next off-season. Let’s just hope it’s the right moves.

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