SCU Week in Review – Wrapping up the 2024 NFL Draft

In case you missed it (or anything) the SCU Week in Review recaps all articles, videos, posts and more, shared via Steel City Underground’s various platforms throughout the week.

With the 2024 NFL Draft now in the books, let’s take a look back at our predictions and full coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers selections.

Joe Kuzma ran three mock draft scenarios last week, none of which were accurate predictions but detailed where the Steelers could be heading with their decision-making.

The guys also had some fun on the SCU Podcast, as Joe and Brian E. Roach ran the annual “Mock Draft Insanity”, the ultimate ritual that makes mock draft simulators look as bad as they tend to be, while also simulating other picks (and trades) to the team in more “realistic” ways.

As the draft was underway, Christina Rivers provided daily updates on the latest picks and how they’ll impact the Steelers. Read her analysis from each of the three days below.

First round coverage

2024 NFL Draft: Steelers grab Fautanu in first round

Rounds two and three Coverage

NFL Draft: Zach Frazer lands as Steelers’ 2nd pick

NFL Draft: Rounding out Day 2 for the Steelers

Final day coverage

Steelers finalize 2024 NFL Draft with McCormick, Lee, and Watts

As for audio and visual coverage, Joe and Brian were on the horn immediately following day one of the draft, while Joe provided his thoughts on the Friday picks as well. Catch up on these shows and stay tuned for a comprehensive episode reviewing the entire Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 draft class.

Steelers select Troy Fautanu plus Day 2 NFL Draft predictions

Steelers add strength, speed, and physicality on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

The above episodes are also available in audio-only formats on the following services:

Bonus Coverage

The Steelers also signed several undrafted free agents over the weekend. The team came to terms with five players so far:

  • Beanie Bishop, CB, West Virginia
  • Daijun Edwards, RB, Georgia
  • John Rhys Plumlee, QB, Central Florida
  • Julius Welschof, linebacker, Charlotte
  • Jacoby Windmon, linebacker, Michigan State

You may read more about these latest additions over on the official Pittsburgh Steelers website.

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