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Steelers Preview: 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Guide

I absolutely love the NFL offseason. For me, getting a preseason football guide and digging into details about my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers was a highlight of every Summer. I’d get to read about little-known players who were joining the team for training camp as well as new additions made to the rooster via free agency and the NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, that right of passage (which I’ve been accustomed to doing since I was ten years old) only had two or three pages of Steelers-specific content in it.

If that.

That’s why it brings me, along with my co-author Christina Rivers, great pleasure to produce this comprehensive preseason guide packed full of stats, bios, and more: all focused specifically on the Steelers and their upcoming 2018 season.

Steel City Underground’s “Steelers Preview: 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Guide” is the book football experts and fans alike can’t do without. With the full Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 preseason roster, team/player information, team schedule, statistics, analysis and predictions under one cover, this guide is rounded out with each player’s professional stats as well as collegiate career details. It also includes Steelers draft classes, projected lineups, and is a valuable checklist to refer to when a player stands out at training camp.

This guide is sure to get Steelers fans fired up for camp and the upcoming 2018 pro football season. Each player included also has a fun fact added to their profile so you, the fan, can come away with something extra in your Steelers knowledge-base. Features each player in their positional group, including stars and rookies, free agent additions, special teams and depth players. eBook format perfect for any e-reader app on any device.

We took great care to dot our “I’s” and cross our “T’s” in this edition, hopefully making it as easy to refer to individual players and quickly access information as possible on a small screen. We believe that the information contained within will not only help you be the smartest fan in the room during the preseason but will also make for a handy reference guide throughout the regular season too.

For those interested in purchasing, the guide is available for Amazon Kindle (Kindle devices or phone/tablet Kindle apps) and also on Apple's iBookstore plus everywhere eBooks are sold. We spent countless hours putting together the statistics and information, and priced it so we didn't kill ourselves, but it won't cost you much more than a cup of coffee. So we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Thank you as always for supporting Steel City Underground.


Joe Kuzma
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What Steelers Nation is saying

More concise than Lindy's or Athlon for Steelers info
If you're looking for a well-formatted, highly-detailed guide on all of the players on the roster for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018, grab this. It's inexpensive (half that of my Lindy's guide), has more info on my team, has breakdowns by position and will be great when the new NFL season starts. Recommend. — Valerian8

Steelers Review
I got this book and I got a lot of information that didn’t expect. I suggest this book not just to Steelers fans but fans of football in general. I’m looking forward too anymore books that these group of authors put out. — hova1730