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A game which was always being looked ahead to by at least one of the teams on the field, the 2018 regular season match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots entered the fourth quarter with Tom Brady looking like he might do what he's become famous for - get his offense on track, even if it meant coming from behind, to secure a win.

However, the Steelers, losers of three-straight and with their playoff lives on life support, needed to prevent that from happening. Luckily, there was one playmaker on the Steelers defense that was determined not to allow Brady to make a comeback.

In fact, he was going to get redemption for a poor decision he'd made just a few plays previously.

After the Patriots chewed up the clock in the waning seconds of the third quarter, in part due to a 21-yard pass interference penalty called on Joe Haden, they set Stephen Gostkowski up for a 33-yard field goal that made it a four-point game (Steelers 14, Patriots 10). The pass interference play was a bit ticky-tacky, but Haden didn't need to make the small pull on a jersey that earned him the yellow flag.

After the field goal, a deflected Ben Roethlisberger ball resulted in an interception and Brady and the Patriots offense were back on the field to try to win, beginning at their own 41-yard line. Brady was able to march as far as the Steelers' five-yard line before, under blindside pressure, he attempted to hit Julian Edelman. Haden's eyes were on the ball, however.

Climbing the ladder, Haden leaped into the air for the ball and was able to maintain control of it as both Rob Gronkowski and Edelman brought him to the turf.

The interception gave the Steelers offense the ball at their four-yard line with 7:43 left in the final quarter of the game. Roethlisberger would convert one third down with a nine-yard toss to Vance McDonald and another on a 20-yard pass to Jaylen Samuels. Chris Boswell, who missed one field goal try earlier in the game, was able to kick the ball 48 yards through the uprights to put the Steelers ahead 17-10 with only 2:30 remaining in the game.

Haden's interception was the catalyst for a defensive stand by Pittsburgh that ultimately resulted in no miracle comeback from the Patriots and a much-needed and emotional win for the Steelers.

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