SCU’s favorite Super Bowl LVII TV commercials

Super Bowl LVII has come and gone – but the ads are here to stay!

Often, Super Bowls ads leave a lasting impression for weeks, months, and years to come. This morning, as we discuss the aftermath of the Super Bowl, we here at SCU also had a water cooler discussion about our favorite TV commercials which ran during last night’s big game.

Here are a smattering of our top selections in no particular order…

Jeep® | The Jeep 4xe “Electric Boogie”

While the push for hybrid and all-electric vehicles was an ongoing theme among the car companies that had Super Bowl spots on Sunday, one company did it with a retro mashup that was hard not to enjoy: Jeep.

The beat was, well… electric as animals slid (or just bounced the best they could) to the combo of club-thumping bass and the song that was released in 1990 and is also known as the “Electric Slide.” The vehicle company was trying to get the Gen X’ers out into the wilds for some flashback fun while showing that EVs are in their future.

T-Mobile ® | Bradley Cooper & his mom try to make a commercial (Bradley’s mom knows best)

It’s clear T-Mobile wanted that air time (pun intended) during primetime as they promoted not only their cell service but also their ability to provide wifi.

While the John Travolta commercial fell a tad flat, the combo of Bradley Cooper and his mother attempting to make a commercial was comical. How many of us have parents that are still not too tech savvy? The banter was worth it in this ad, and Cooper really does not sport that T-Mobile pink without looking a bit like a Flamingo.

NFL | “Run With It” featuring Diana Flores

While some NFL fans may have initially cringed at what they felt was a feminism-slanted ad, the fact that Diana Flores, a flag football pro and captain of the Mexican national team (who fans may recognize from her AFC offensive coordinator duties I’m this year’s NFL Pro Bowl Games) ran away with this commercial, made it fun, and less agenda-driven.

Girls and women have long been football fans and active in the sport but they are beginning to see more opportunities in the NFL and other leagues as players, coaches, reporters/journalists, officials, trainers, and other roles. They’re not just around for cheerleading and supporting women’s health, anymore.

Flores goes all-out in a commercial spot that featured a lot of familiar faces, including the Pittsburgh Steelers’ own Cameron Heyward (a bell hop), as she attempted to keep from having either of her flags pulled… including a sneaky move from “Mama.”

Paramount Plus | A Mountain of Entertainment: “Stallone Face”

As streaming media becomes the hottest ticket in modern entertainment, Paramount Plus got into the action with… action. Not many stars are as noted for their action roles as Sylvester Stallone. This star-packed ad featured other notable film icons and moments, as well.

At Steel City Underground, one inside joke revolves around the nearly uncountable sports media references to changes to the famed Mount Rushmore that would feature top players from NFL franchises (an annoyance our own Christina Rivers nearly cannot handle, anymore). Hey! We’ve engaged in the guilty pleasure as well.

Paramount Plus didn’t shy away from their own take in their Super Bowl ad that also featured Beavis & Butthead as well as Dora the Explorer.

And, admit it, no Super Bowl would be complete without at least one big stinker of an ad. There were a few during Super Bowl LVII (that’s 52 for the Roman numeral impaired). Possibly the creepiest and strangest, though, was one by another streaming service as it took viewers down a rabbit hole on Sunday.

What giant bunnies have to do with Tubi… well, I guess being kidnapped and thrown into a digital world is a little like Alice in Wonderland. The ad included an homage to the “This is Sparta!” scene in “300” and had some viewers believing the game had somehow been interrupted by a bizarre movie, initially, according to Internet and social media chatter.

So, we wrap up our special article with this final commercial that’s sure to keep people talking.

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