Watch: Nick Herbig sacks Atlanta’s Woodside for 3.5 total sacks in preseason

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Although there’s a visceral excitement building up after the Pittsburgh Steelers finished the 2023 NFL preseason with a perfect 3-0 record, and fans can’t wait for the regular season to kick off, the final dress rehearsal wasn’t just a showcase of plays made by first-team players. The Steelers were able to shut out the Atlanta Falcons utilizing their second-team and depth players, as well, including new additions and young draft selections.

On defense, the Steelers have witnessed near-continual growth and playmaking ability from rookie linebacker Nick Herbig. The former Wisconsin Badger was taken under the wing of teammate (and former Wisconsin alum) T.J. Watt and, on Thursday night, showed yet again how he has soaked up his mentor’s advice… and techniques.

With 13:40 left in the third quarter, Atlanta quarterback Logan Woodside lined up in the shotgun on first down at his own 31-yard line. As the ball was snapped, Herbig used his hips to beat the right tackle to the inside and end up in Woodside’s face as the QB scanned the field. Reaching out, arms wide, Herbig smothered Woodside to pad his preseason sack total at 3.5.

Herbig is being talked about as a 2023 NFL Draft steal, for good reason. His numbers tell a large part of that tale. Could Herbig become the next NFL Rookie of the Year? Steelers fans will have to keep watching once the season is underway.

Herbig’s sack on Woodside resulted in the Falcons going to short passes in order to move the ball down the field in what was their only true, threatening offensive series. The Falcons were subsequently held out of the end zone when Mark Robinson and Joey Porter Jr. combined to hit Carlos Washington, pop the ball loose, and Kenny Robinson came away with the loose ball.

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