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Steelers tight end Jesse James makes a catch in the AFC Championship game in Jan. 2017 against Patriots defender Patrick Chung

Bold and Bolder Steelers Predictions for Patriots Week

Since I took over the Bold Predictions here on SCU, things have been a mixed bag. I never claimed to be the Great Swami, but after breaking the crystal ball and getting bad returns from the Magic 8-ball, this week I had better dig deep. That’s not an easy thing ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers K Chris Boswell

It’s time for the Steelers to shake things up

Super Bowl windows typically aren’t open for very long, unless you’re the Patriots. Seemingly, the Steelers have had a pretty wide-open window over the last four years, when they have made the post-season and had the Killer B’s. That window was supposed to be pretty wide open again this year ...

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Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster runs a catch into the end zone against the Oakland Raiders (Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers)

Stats that stood out despite Steelers loss in Week 14

This has been a tough week for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, its coaches and players, and for fans. The loss in Oakland to a Raiders team that looked like it might get the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft was a heartbreaker for the Steelers. The Raiders - despite having ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown

The Pittsburgh Steelers season is far from “over”

I’ve been reading some really irritating hot takes around the Internet since the Steelers loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Chief among those negative comments is that the Steelers season is “over”. Granted, it hasn’t looked good the last few games. In fact, the Steelers don’t look like a ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers QB Joshua Dobbs

Steelers Week 14 Winners and Losers

It’s getting hard to stomach the Steelers as of late. Mike Tomlin’s team traveled to Oakland this past Sunday to face the 2-10 Raiders, only to be handed their third heart-breaking loss in a row. It was a rough game all around for this team. Here are my winners and ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin

Players, coaches, and fans all want the same thing: to win

It's very easy to be an armchair quarterback or coach. As someone who recently started writing about football, it sometimes bothers me when I read someone's woulda’, shoulda’, coulda’ opinions. Professional football players spend countless hours watching film, working out, practicing, learning the playbook, attending meetings and taking care of ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers K Chris Boswell

How much more patience should the Steelers have with Chris Boswell?

On a recent episode of the Steel City Underground podcast, I had mentioned that the placekicker position may become as important as the quarterback position. Next, to being a team’s signal-caller, I’m of the opinion that no other individual position, even in a “team sport”, can have as big of ...

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SCU AFC North Preview

AFC North: Steelers not guaranteed top spot despite Ravens loss

Week 14 of the 2018 NFL regular season proved, once again, that nothing is certain in football. With the Pittsburgh Steelers falling to the Oakland Raiders, they're not guaranteed to win the AFC North even though the Baltimore Ravens also lost their game to the Kansas City Chiefs. And while ...

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