Watch: Mitch Trubisky scrambles for first rushing TD as Steelers QB

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In Week 3 of the 2022-23 NFL regular season, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense looked improved in some areas despite another lackluster performance from their starting quarterback. In the road loss to the Cleveland Browns, the embattled veteran, Mitchell Trubisky, did grab his first rushing touchdown in a Steelers uniform, though, giving fans a flash moment of optimism.

The touchdown drive began at the Pittsburgh 25-yard line. It took ten plays and just over five minutes of game time off the first-half game clock.

Near-disaster struck on a second-and-six when running back Jaylen Warren tried to get extra yardage and lost control of the ball. The Steelers were lucky to have Diontae Johnson, who made two catches during the drive, blocking ahead of Warren and able to fall on the ball.

Two Najee Harris runs helped set up the touchdown, as did a penalty on the Browns, putting the Steelers within a yard of the goal line.

On second-and-goal, Trubisky called his own number. Scrambling to his right, Trubisky cradled the ball and was just able to avoid the initial defender before rolling into a combination George Pickens block and Martin Emerson stop.

Initially ruled a touchdown, there was a review of the play due to opinions that Trubisky may have had a knee down during his tuck-and-dodge under Emerson before the ball crossed the goal line.

Upon review, it was determined that the ball had, indeed, reached the line and the ruling of a touchdown was confirmed.

Trubisky, who had another rushing play in the game that likely would have been a first down had he not been tripped up, finished the game with 20-of-32 passing attempts completed for 207 yards and no passing touchdowns. He rushed twice for a total of seven yards.

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