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Bengals DC: Burfict Doesn’t Understand Thug Reputation

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther spoke Friday, discussing a potential future coaching spot for beleagured Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, once again taking a position defending his player's behavior: "Everybody thinks he's this thug, and he doesn’t understand this," Guenther said. "I think it's awful. The way he’s being perceived ...

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Is Heath Miller A Future Hall of Famer?

My regular audience must think I'm off my rocker. First I suggest that Heath Miller may have been forced to retire, now I'm suggesting he might be a Hall of Famer. Stick with me here. Heath Miller is without a doubt a Pittsburgh Steeler great and will go down as ...

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Was Heath Miller Forced To Retire?

If you're looking for a saucy expose that would otherwise grace the cover of the National Enquirer, you should look elsewhere. The short answer from this author's perspective is that Heath wasn't forced to retire, but in this day and age of risque media without factual basis (such as the ...

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7 Deals The Steelers Won’t Make During The 2016 Offseason

In my last article, I discussed the 6 deals the Steelers need to make during the 2016 offseason. Now it's time to evaluate deals the Steelers will NOT make during the offseason. Some of these won't be popular, but remember, football is a business first... Eric Weddle This is the popular name ...

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6 Deals The Steelers Need To Make During The 2016 Offseason

It's anyone's guess as to what will actually happen when the league year officially begins in March, but I wanted to take a stab at some of the decisions the Steelers might make before the start of the season. William Gay The team's top cornerback will become an unrestricted free agent. ...

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