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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin

Kevin Colbert’s Really Good Draft Record

It's that time of year where every armchair quarterback (including myself) tends to criticize the decision makers within the Steelers franchise. We should've taken Player B instead of Player A. I really wanted Player C, but we took Player F who plays a completely different position. It's human nature to ...

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Duel Opinions™ Were Dri Archer and Landry Jones Wasted Picks?

In this edition of Duel Opinions™ Joe from Steel City Underground joins Eric from Steelers Grind, to discuss a pair of 2014 Steelers draft picks: Dri Archer and Landry Jones: Eric Herrmann (Steelers Grind) May 2014, I’m sitting in my bedroom watching the NFL draft. It was the 3rd round and ...

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4 Arguments Against Pittsburgh Drafting a QB

The ever fickle nature of fans with nothing else to give attention to during the offseason has created a made up argument for the Steelers to take a quarterback in this year's upcoming NFL Draft. My reaction to this is: yikes! Okay, let me step back a second, before I ...

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Past Data Proves Steelers Draft Players They Visit

Draft season is in full force. Everyday we're seeing headlines of coaches at pro days, scheduled team visits, and promising players getting arrested. We're seeing new mock drafts daily and almost everybody knows exactly who their team is gonna draft in the first round. "In God we trust, all others ...

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3 Potential Replacements For Martavis Bryant

Now that we know Martavis Bryant is suspended for the entire 2016 season, the Steelers will have to find a way to replace the wide receiver's production on the field. As discussed in last week's podcast, I surmise there are 3 potential replacements for Martavis Bryant. That should be easier than ...

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Steelers Filling Out Free Agency Wish List

I absolutely love this time of year. While it's true that the team who wins free agency or the draft doesn't always win come September, the chess game that is the business of building NFL rosters intrigues me... none more than the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their General Manager Kevin Colbert, ...

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Is Ben Roethlisberger In The Same Elite Category As Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning's retired from pro football yesterday amidst one of the greatest careers in NFL history. Now and forever, Manning's name will be in every conversation about the NFL's greatest quarterbacks. Yet, there's one player, that when his name is brought up outside of Pittsburgh (if his name is brought ...

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3 Reasons Replacing Heath Miller Isn’t A Priority

After the somewhat surprising announcement that Heath Miller would be retiring from football, it left many fans questioning if the Steelers would make replacing the former first round pick a top priority this offseason. I'm going to go out on a limb and say no. Here are 3 reasons why ...

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Steelers vs. Bengals: NFL’s Biggest Rivalry?

Nearly two months after their last encounter, and the words are still flying back and forth. First it was the Bengals' Adam "Pacman" Jones claiming Antonio Brown faked a concussion caused by Jones' teammate Vontaze Burfict. Then it was back-and-forth banter with Brown's response to both Pacman and Burfict: he was ...

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