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Pittsburgh Steelers Select CB Artie Burns With 2016 First Round Pick

With the 25th selection of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select... Artie Burns. Who? That is was the most common response among Steelers Nation Thursday night, after the overwhelmingly popular choice of William Jackson III nearly landed in the Steelers lap at pick 25, but was snatched away ...

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Why Kevin Colbert Avoids Drafting Defensive Backs Early

We're one step closer to the 2016 NFL Draft, and with that, comes the anxiousness of another year where the Steelers might avoid taking a cornerback in the first round. Seriously: the Steelers haven't taken a cornerback with their first round selection since 1997. (I was still in high school.) The ...

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Making The Case For Steelers To Sign Brian Hoyer

During last year's offseason, I made a strong case for the Steelers to pursue Michael Vick as a backup quarterback, after Bruce Gradkowski had been placed on injured reserve. Fast forward to this offseason: Vick and Gradkowski are both free agents, and the Steelers are left with only Landry Jones ...

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Would Brian Hoyer Be A Good Fit For The Steelers?

Shout it from the mountain: we need a backup for Big Ben! I have been advocating, off and on, for Pittsburgh to sign a backup quarterback this offseason. Right now, the Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger and Landry Jones on the roster: we can all admit, even in my defense of Jones, ...

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Examining The Steelers 2016 Schedule

The NFL released their 2016 schedule on Thursday night, showcasing a Super Bowl rematch as the kickoff to the season. The Pittsburgh Steelers will start at Washington for the opening game of ESPN's Monday Night Football.

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Will Steelers Continue Streak of Drafting Linebackers?

Do you remember the last time the Steelers went to the podium at the NFL Draft and did not select a linebacker? Well, it wasn't that long ago (2012, G David DeCastro) but it sure feels that way. The Last 3 First Round Picks Over the last 3 years, the ...

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