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Steel City Underground NFL Draft Mock Drafts

Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 NFL mock draft roundup v3.0

We're past the NFL Combine and well into the free agency period, and now with about a month to go until the 2018 NFL Draft, it's time for version 3.0 of the SCU Mock Draft Round-up. I scoured the Internet for various mock drafts from a variety of websites, to ...

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SCU March Madness tournament

SCU’s Best NFL Jersey Tournament Elite 8: Vikings vs. Saints

Welcome to Steel City Underground's latest March Madness creation: The "Best" NFL Jersey Tournament! For a recap of how we set this up, plus results thus far, please refer to our main SCU March Madness page. Elite Eight The Vikings rolled through the Colts and Cowboys to take on the ...

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Cincinnati Bengals Rival Report

Smiths die-hard Bengals fans, but hope ‘Cincy’ has better 2018

The NFL owners meetings underway, Pro Days and official visits continuing ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft, we once again step away from Steelers team news to get into Rival Report mode by speaking to fans of the Cincinnati Bengals – similar to how we interviewed Cleveland Browns fan, Tony ...

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