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I was born and raised in Erie, PA with a love of football. When I was a young boy, my uncle tried to brainwash me into becoming a Dallas Cowboys fan. He would sit me in front of the TV and put on Cowboys film from the 90’s. One day, out of the blue, I broke free from the hypnosis I was under and escaped from the dark side. It was then I decided I would follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and become a Steelers fan. I am married to my best friend, Emily, and we have two beautiful little girls. I’m a Physical Education teacher by trade, but I’m the biggest football fan you will ever meet. I love writing about football, and I co-own and operate my own football website,, with my cousin and brother. I’m a straight shooting fan who tries to be as objective as possible, even when it means other Steelers fans might disagree with me. I tell it like I see it.

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NFL Draft Big Board

Tommy Jaggi’s Top 150 NFL Draft Big Board

I have been straining my eyes and losing sleep over the past few months watching game film. When I sleep, I have had dreams about draft day on more than one occasion. The Steelers would always seem to end up with Renell Wren or Lonnie Johnson in the first round, ...

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NFL Draft News & Coverage

Predicting the Steelers 2019 1st round draft pick

The draft is just around the corner now, and fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see who the Steelers are going to select on April 25th. The Steelers have had their share of successes and failures in recent years when it comes to first round selections, ...

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Ryan Shazier is drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers

Comparing the 3 classes of NFL, and Steelers, draft prospects

With the NFL Draft just around the corner, football fans everywhere are getting anxious to see which players will be selected to bolster their teams' roster. Some of the prospects from the 2019 NFL Draft will be Pro Bowl and maybe even All-Pro caliber players at the next level, while ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers CB Joe Haden

Why speed is the biggest predictor of successful NFL cornerbacks

The 2019 draft class has stirred up a lot of debate as to what makes a good NFL cornerback. Some players like Byron Murphy  and Deandre Baker win with excellent footwork and sound technique. Others, like Greedy Williams or Sean Bunting, win with a great combination of length and athleticism. ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers LB TJ Watt and the defense

Top 10 most valuable players to the Steelers’ future

Every offseason over the past few years, I have comprised a list of what I believe to be the most valuable players to the future of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is not a list of players who are currently the most valuable to the team for the upcoming season; rather ...

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NFL Draft News & Coverage

Breaking down the 2019 linebacker class

This year's linebacker class is nothing to ride home about. It's strong up front with three linebackers worthy of top 50 picks, but despite all the athleticism we witnessed from this group at the NFL Combine, this linebacker class is pretty weak overall. After the Combine, I charted the top ...

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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin

Kevin Colbert may be part of the problem in Pittsburgh

Since the early 2000's, Kevin Colbert has been considered an essential member of the Steelers organization. As the Director of Football Operations, he was responsible for drafting a handful of Pro Bowl, All-Pro, and even future Hall of Fame players. In three consecutive years in the first round from 2003-2005, ...

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NFL Draft News & Coverage

Steelers top draft needs and possible 1st round selections

We haven't even reached the NFL Combine yet, but it's never too early to try to look ahead to the NFL Draft. The Steelers failed to make the playoffs this year and possess the 20th pick in the first round - the highest they've had since 2014 when they selected ...

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Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell rushes against the New England Patriots in the AFC Conference Championship

Le’Veon Bell would not have saved the Steelers season

Le'Veon Bell is a former All-Pro running back, and Steelers fans have a right to be frustrated that he elected to sit this season out. However, to say that his absence was the reason the Steelers didn't make the playoffs this year is a naive train of thought. To start, ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown

Why the Steelers need to trade Antonio Brown

Two years ago, I wrote an article on why the Steelers should part ways with All-Pro running back, Le’Veon Bell. Now I am doing the same for Antonio Brown. Despite being a First Team All-Pro player at the age of twenty-two, and being among the league leaders in rushing three ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt reacts after sacking Jeff Driskel of the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17 of the 2018 NFL regular season

Steelers Week 17: Winners and Losers

It's been a heartbreaking journey for the men in black and yellow this year, but unfortunately, the Steelers will fall short of making the playoffs. Despite beating the Bengals in week 17, Pittsburgh needed a Baltimore loss to win the AFC North. However, it was only fitting that the Browns ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers RB Jaylen Samuels

Steelers Week 15: Winners and Losers

The Steelers did the unthinkable this past Sunday; they finally took down the New England Patriots. Who would have guessed that in a game where Ben threw 2 interceptions in enemy territory and with yet another Boswell missed field goal, the Steelers would come out on top against Tom Brady ...

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