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Steelers not alone in using major player as punt returner

There have been reports over the last few weeks about the Steelers hoping to replace Antonio Brown as the teams primary punt returner. Many fans and news outlets are in favor of this, arguing that using Brown as a punt returner puts him at risk of injury and it isn't worth ...

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Who’s better since parting ways? Mike Wallace or The Steelers?

Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com recently posted an interesting interview with current Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers (and Miami Dolphins... and Minnesota Vikings.) Wallace was quoted: "I think I’ve gotten better, even though [the] numbers don’t say so... I think I’ll get better this year, ...

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By The Numbers: Shaun Suisham

Back in 2010, a little-known Canadian-American kicker named Shaun Suisham, arrived in Pittsburgh. It was his second attempt at supplanting a controversial, but popular Pittsburgh kicker named Jeff Reed, after trying the same in 2005, entering a camp battle with the aforementioned, after signing as an undrafted free agent. Little ...

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6 players in danger of not making the Steelers roster in 2016

After wrapping on articles making predictions for the Steelers offense, and the Steelers defense, I started thinking: what players are in danger of not making the final 53-man roster this upcoming season? Aside from some obvious camp bodies, I believe there are several players who could be in danger of ...

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Which Receivers Will Make The Steelers Final Roster?

Camp buzz is buzzing louder, as the NFL season quickly approaches. Much like other years, everyone is taking their stab at guessing which long shot, underdog, or sleeper will make the final 53-man rosters in every camp. The Steelers are not immune to this scrutiny, as with pro football news ...

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