Jae Greenwald
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Jae Greenwald Staff Writer

Jae is a Staff Writer for Steel City Underground. He was born and raised in the Bay Area, and studied Political Science at San Francisco State University.

A lifelong Steelers fan, some of Jae’s earliest and fondest movies have been painted in Black and Gold. From opening a Jerome Bettis jersey on Christmas morning to watching Troy Polamalu fly around like a superhero, James Harrison striking the fear of god into opposing quarterbacks, and Hines Ward somehow simultaneously being the toughest and nicest receiver in football.

Jae loves spending time with his friends, his big-boned dachshund-mix named Chance, and watching Steelers games with his father. He also enjoys writing, video games, film, and politics.

You can find more of his work here: https://jaefk.wordpress.com/