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With all of the noise surrounding the NFL Draft, the SCU team thought it was important to collect all of our draft information in one easy-to-find spot for our readers. Below you will find links to our mock drafts, exclusive NFL Draft prospect interviews, big boards, positional rankings and more.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL Draft Order

Round Overall Notes
1 20
2 52
3 66 from Oakland
3 83
4 122
5 141 from Oakland
6 175 from Oakland
6 192
6 207 from Arizona
7 219 from Tampa Bay


  • Picks 66 & 141: Oakland > Pittsburgh - Oakland traded third (66) and fifth-round (141) selections to Pittsburgh in exchange for wide receiver Antonio Brown.
  • Pick 175: Oakland > Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh traded a fifth-round selection (158) to Oakland in exchange for wide receiver Ryan Switzer and Oakland's sixth-round selection (175).
  • Pick 207: Arizona > Pittsburgh - Arizona traded a compensatory sixth-round selection (207) to Pittsburgh in exchange for tackle Marcus Gilbert.
  • Pick 219: Tampa Bay > Pittsburgh - Tampa Bay traded a seventh-round selection (219) and free safety J.J. Wilcox to Pittsburgh in exchange for their 2018 sixth-round selection (202).

Team Needs


  • Inside Linebacker
  • Edge Rusher
  • Cornerback
  • Wide Receiver

Secondary Needs

  • Safety
  • Tight End

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